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October 5, 2010

If you build it, they will come

by mark mclean

Not really. After 4 solid months of overseeing the renovation of our new downtown office, we are finally up and running. Without a doubt, all the bugs are worked out and while there are always little things that need attention, we are humming along nicely. So far we have 20 good agents. 10 agents moved from othe Bosley offices, and 10 moved here from other companies. We have deals on the board, and the vibe between all the agents is that of cooperation and respect. When I started working on the design for the space (it was a completely vacant warehouse) the overriding concern was to make the environment blend well into the neighbourhood. This office would not work in Rosedale. Iwanted to make it bright, and open. It had to be warm and inviting to the public. Our customers need to feel at ease, and often the agents are encouraged to meet new clients on the sofas in our front lobby. Above all, the agents that work here have to feel comfortable, so I purposely avoided the creativity crushing office cubicles. From the high gloss work stations and cedar wall details to the polished concrete floors and custom lights, this is a space for encouraging creativity in the workplace. All challenges aside, the space is creating a solid buzz within the industry.

I thought it was time I shared some pictures of what we created here.

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