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January 31, 2011

Success Can Be Habit Forming

by mark mclean

For the most part, a lot of the topics I write about are inspired by the goings on of my daily life. Today is no different. At my office meeting this morning, I brought to everyone’s attention the recent successes of two of our workmates. Both are relatively new to the business, but not knowing any better, dutifully and thankfully, sat open houses, cold called and door knocked. Their hard work paid off quickly. The one working at an open house, met a client, negotiated a successful sale for them, and listed their condo.  On top of that, he picked up another buyer client and another listing. The other agent had spent months perfecting his delivery. He was cold calling and door knocking. One cold day, he was rewarded with a terrific opportunity. He listed a perfect house for a builder and sold it in two days, in multiples and above list price.

Great stories indeed but now comes the hard part; make sure they stay motivated enough to build on their successes. In my 20+ years in real estate, I have seen it enough.  Agent sells house. Agent gets money. Agent goes on trip. Agent starts all over again.

The key to longevity in any business is to continually invest in it. I don’t mean just money, because it is easy to throw out a couple hundred “just sold” cards. I am talking about time.  Selling a house or condo has given you something to talk about. Cold calling is now warm calling. Door knocking is now networking.  One success does not mean you can sit back and relax. Your job is to build on your successes, and keep creating opportunities for yourself.  It doesn’t matter if those successes are five years away.  I am reminded of a great distance runner named Jim Ryun, who said that motivation is what gets you started, but it is habits that keep you going.

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