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March 25, 2011

Go Online to get Offline

by mark mclean

I have a few “Post its” stuck to my computer screen at work. On them are little notes, tidbits, sound bites that I pick up and somehow identify with. One that continually draws my attention simply says; get online to go offline. I picked it up from a lecture, given by Jonathan Lister, head of LinkedIn Canada, which we hosted in our office a while back.

I stare at that little note occasionally and try to make sense of it. Get online to go offline. It makes sense. We work so hard at building our online presence. Whether you are self employed or a huge corporation, there is a tremendous amount of investment going on in Social media. To coin the words of my Uncle Charlie from L.A., that’s all good.  But, and there is usually a “but”, none of that will work if you don’t have the content, experience, history or skills to back up what you are putting out online.

Real estate is a people business. Good agents excel because they make a connection with their clients. They are personable first and foremost. They know when to talk and when to keep quiet. They look you in the eye when they talk and they speak with knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm. These aren’t skills that can be easily learned. Certainly they can be fine tuned, but in reality, success is a confidence game. Recently I had a discussion with one of my newer agents. He was worried about going on his first listing presentation. He had done a great job developing his web presence, but now he was about to put himself on the line. My advice was to springboard off the successes he had in his previous job and build his verbal presentation around the skill set that made him a star in his previous job.

Statistics show that people looking to buy or sell real estate start their search on the internet so, in this hyper competitive world, a solid online presence is a must but to catapult your career you need to build your communication skills. Real estate websites should be considered simply as online business cards. They are the point of introduction.  It is up to you to show your personality and build rapport.

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent the opinions of Bosley Real Estate Ltd.

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