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April 13, 2011

Toronto’s Deep Lake Water Cooling System

by mark mclean

Today, I got a tour of the recently completed Ritz Carlton Hotel and Residences. Designed by internationally renowned New York-based firm Kohn Pederson Fox, in association with Toronto’s Page + Steele Associates,  this 53-storey high, is an elegant composition of glass and limestone which gently widens as it reaches the sky. While a truely luxurious property, what is amazing is the fact that it is one of the few residential towers in Toronto that uses lake water to cool the building. 

How it works;

Enwave Energy Corp, through partial backing of the City of Toronto, developed the DLWCS that uses the cool energy in cold water to air condition high rise buildings in the downtown core. The system reduces energy consumption by up to 90% compared to normal chillers. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions, improves the water supply by providing more and deeper intake pipes. 

Enwave’s three pipes located 5 km offshore, draw water with a tempurature of 4 degrees Celcius, to Toronto’s John Street Pumping Station. There, heat exchangers transfer the coolness of the water to Enwave’s closed water supply loop. The Lake water continues on its journey to become the city water supply while Enwave’s closed loop water system provides chilled water to office tower air conditioning units. The system has been inplace at Metro Hall, a 27 storey office building in Toronto, since June 2006. Energy consumption at Metro Hall will be reduced by 3 million kilowatt-hours per year and reduce CO2 emissions by 732 tonnes annually – equivalent to taking 160 cars off the road. The energy saved at The Metro Hall is enough to power 300 homes.

Enwave also provides heating systems via three modern centralized steam plants and 40kms of underground pipes to over 140 buildings representing over 40 million square feet of office, institutional and government space.

Providing heating and cooling systems through centralized locations is not a new technology. In fact, this remarkable system has been around for 700 years. I encourage you to visit Enwave’s website for more information on their heating and cooling systems.  

 Besides Metro Hall and The Ritz, Enwave provides cooling and heating systems to many downtown buildings including;  Air Canada Centre, MTCC North, Richmond Adelaide Complex, Adelaide Place, Royal Bank Plaza,One University Avenue,145 King Street West,Steam Whistle Brewery,Union Tower, Maple Leaf Square, Trump Tower, Element Condominium, Commerce Court, Hbc Queen Street Bay Store & Head Office Tower, 151 Front Street West, Citibank Place, Bay Dundas Centre, TD Centre, Queen’s Park, 777 Bay Street , New City Hall, Old City Hall, Metro Centre, Marriot Residence Inn Hotel, RBC Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital and Munich Re Centre.



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