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May 17, 2011

Do You Want To Be A Real Estate Game Changer? Part 1

by mark mclean

Last week, I attended the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Annual General Meeting at Realtor Quest. As much as I find a lot of these types of events a little on the boring side, they are an important part of my job and often provide great content for our morning meetings. While it is important to have a little “face time” in the real estate community, the real value comes from learning about new technologies and being able to pass down current and useful information to the agents at our office.

One of the latest innovations being considered is something called Data Distribution Facility. Basically it is method to help agents reach a bigger audience and manage their listings through multiple 3rd party websites like Craigslist or Kijiji. While some of the better agents use social media platforms and multiple websites to advertise their listings already, DDF will level the playing field for every agent with a simple check of a box. Chances are many agents will take advantage of this new proposal and add it to their list of services. That means that the better agents will look for other ways to raise the bar, be more innovative and find a new advantage.

Part of figuring out what we need to do to be game changers means identifying some of the traits that the best agents in the business possess. This was the topic of this week’s meeting. I asked everyone to come up with a trait that separated an agent who makes seven thousand dollars a year from the agent that makes seven hundred thousand. It was wonderful to have such great participation in the discussion. Each trait was written down and posted on our front desk and then talked about.  Have a look and see if we missed anything.

Now we know what the key elements of success are. It is up to the agents to collectively utilize these traits into their daily business. The next time we meet, we are going to brainstorm on what new advantages and innovations are at our disposal NOW so that we can provide Real Estate Awesomeness!

The ideas expressed in this blog may not reflect the views of Bosley Real Estate.


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