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May 18, 2011

Mastermind #2 May 18th, 2011

by mark mclean

What did you miss this morning? A lot! Let me hone in on one topic that got the most attention; door knocking. We all know it can work yet many agents just will not do it. Call it fear of rejection, but done right, with enthusiasm and a good script, door knocking can reap huge rewards. So how can you overcome the fear of rejection? Four easy steps. 1. Have a reason to ring the door bell, that could include, telling people about new listings, recently solds, searching for a client, or simply letting people know about an upcoming event in the hood. 2. Be prepared. Before you head out, do your research. Know what has sold in the area (but don’t devulge prices), have recent real estate board stats ready, bring business cards, and a notebook to jot down notes. 3. Make sure you have a great “elevator speech” ready and practice it over and over. You only have a few seconds to make a good impression, so be presentable, freindly and factual. 4. Finally, make sure you have something to drop off. A one page newsletter is ideal. It should be on good card stock and professional looking. Remember, people want to know what their house is worth so statistics and a chart or two will go along way. Include details on the house you sold or listed and if you are trying to find a home for a client, give some details like; “I need a home for a family with two small children and a dog, so a nice backyard is a priority”. Maybe a picture of the dog might help. Obviously provide your contact details and your website information. Here is another small tip, leave a little space to write a personal message just incase there is no one home.

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