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May 25, 2011

Mastermind #3 May 25th 2011

by mark mclean

Another well attended Mastermind meeting at Queen West and we were happy to have Tom Bosley join us, on his birthday no less. So if you weren’t there, here is what you missed; We had a short discussion on managing the expectations fussy clients followed by a chat about staging and how much an agent should do. Both these topics I have covered in previous blog posts so please feel free to check them out when you can. We also talked about Pre Delivery Inspections, commonly known as PDI’s. One of our agents sold a new construction project a few months ago which is set to close in a few days. The builder is reputable but the list of deficiencies is quiet long. there is a lot of trim missing, scratches on the floor, etc. Another agent, who has experience in this department, said that PDI’s are supposed to happen 6 weeks before occupancy and that seldom does the condo ever get delivered in perfect condition. The conclusion was that when you are on a PDI with your client, make sure you get the personal contact information of the person responsible for getting the work done and then gently, but often, keep reminding them about what needs to get done. Ah, the life of a realtor! 

One of the loudest discussions concerned selling houses that are tainted because they are near half way or group homes. While there is no question that these homes offer a much needed service to our communities, they can, at times, put undue stresses on the neighbourhoods they reside in, so the question was; do you have to disclose to potential clients if there is a half way home next door? what about on the street? The answer was a resounding yes. If it is not your listing, you should email the agent first to ask who the neighbours are. Always email so that you have a paper trail. Finally, if in doubt, do your own research. At the end of the day, one of our jobs is to protect the public.

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