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June 24, 2011


Social Media and The Real Estate Business

by mark mclean

Real estate industry social media use header Real estate social media use data   infographic

This very interesting chart caught my eye today and I thought it important enough to share. If you ever doubted Social Media and real estate, these statistics should change your mind for ever. Many thanks to Alexis Lamster, VP of for putting this together.

Real estate social media use

Although each agent has a different method of using the diverse set of tools that comprise social media, has pulled together a number of data points (some from right here on AG) to create an infographic to give a better understanding of a bigger picture of how the industry is using social media.

The information outlined below is interesting, but two data points caught our eye. First, the comfort levels with social media according to Postling’s research is far lower than our research with our audience almost universally considering themselves tech savvy. Secondly, it caught our eye that one key concept that real estate agents are better at than small businesses in general is reception of alerts for tweets and wall posts which affirms our belief that agents that are engaged in social media do not typically have a staff to fall back on if their efforts fail, so a large portion do their homework before diving in.

Check out the infographic below and tell us in comments what shocks you and what was as you expected it to be:
Real estate industry social media use Real estate social media use data   infographic

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  1. Jun 24 2011

    Whether or not the individual agent or company is using social media in the best way is a very important factor also.

    Not sure I would say the app is really social media……

    • Jun 24 2011

      Yeah, I agree. Our company is doing a ton to ramp up our agents so that they can be ahead of the curve. Facebook, twitter and blog training. We are aiming for about a 50% of our agents to buy into social media. That would give us over 100 agents in the downtown core of Toronto actively using SM. Fingures crossed, we are getting there. Thanks for checking in. Much appreciated.


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