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July 7, 2011


F is for Fun

by mark mclean

I believe one of the pillars of any successful business is to have fun and if there was ever any doubt, just remember the words of Mr. Bosley himself. “Make money and have fun and if you’re not having fun, change the way you are doing business”. Words to live by. The reality is that the real estate game can be both wonderful and frustrating. Very good agents burn out from time to time so it is important to take some scheduled time off once in awhile.  Our company believes in fun too and while it is important to make money, it is also important to keep the troops happy, so we have pool parties, golf parties, ski trips and holiday celebrations. Yes they are expensive, but their benefits far outway the cost. A happy company is a successful company. For us, our social endeavours are not part of our recruitment strategy. They are a show of appreciation for all the hard work our agents do and lets face it, everyone likes to be appreciated.  I remember a boss I once had told be that his philosophy was to never tell someone they were doing a good job because it always kept them guessing. #FAIL!

Getting out and socializing with your workmates builds relationships and when that happens, synergy develops which in turn leads to opportunities and financial gain. So the end game is to build a social net that supports your core business. Get out there and have fun.

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  1. Jul 8 2011

    So true Marco! Love working for Bosley Real Estate…now get some more babes down to Queen Street West…there I said it 🙂


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