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July 29, 2011

The New Word of Mouth Advertising

by mark mclean
Social Media IS the New Word-of-Mouth Advertising
Social Media SitesAre you finding that social media sites are too hard to keep up with? You’re not alone.  According to a survey commissioned by the Hiscox Insurance Company about social media usage in small business, 47% of small business owners and managers surveyed said they don’t use social media for business purposes at all.This is a critical marketing mistake. “Social Media Marketing and Word-of-Mouth Marketing are now the same thing!” writes Steve Olenski on Social Media Today.  “C’mon people, business owners, marketers, advertisers, etc… where do you think people are “talking” these days?”

Word-of-Mouth reviews are happening online now and consumers use these reviews to make decisions based off of what other customers say about a business.

Are neighbors (still) talking to neighbors as they mow their lawns about the new laundry detergent one just used or the great restaurant the other one went to the night before? Of course, that part will never change.”  Olenski says.

But what HAS changed,” he continues, ” is now those same neighbors, after mowing their lawns, are going back into their homes and going on their computers or back into their garages and whipping out their smartphones and telling all their friends… their ONLINE friends all about the new laundry detergent and great restaurant.”

Social media is a powerful tool for your business.  Build your online reputation by taking an active role in what your customers are saying about your business.  Improve your reputation by acting on the feedback you receive in your reviews. Online reviews are the new referrals in your business and consumers doing online research of products and services pay attention to customer reviews. 

Read Steve Olenski’s blog at

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