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September 20, 2011

Do you Target your Audience?

by mark mclean

Yesterday, we had a wonderful turn out for the Monday morning meeting. It could have been the fresh bagels but my guess is everyone came to see our guest speaker, Ingrid Menninga from Jolt Marketing. The week before, Mark Savel gave us a snapshot of the life of a busy (and successful) real estate blogger. My plan was to transition to a talk by Ingrid, on how agents can achieve the same success as Mark. I love it when a plan comes together.

Over the past year, as I collect more and more information about real estate and social media, it becomes apparently clear that it is easy to lose one’s head if it is not screwed on right. I am reminded of a lecture that Dale Chumbley gave for Bosley Real Estate in which he talked about the things that made his blog a success. One of them, 365 things to do in Vancouver (Washington) seems like such a cool idea, but I think most people have no idea how hard it is to write a blog every day. Dale would tell you himself that writing a blog everyday of your vacation is out and out annoying. Facebook reports that 365 Things to do in…….is the biggest real estate graveyard on its site.

As Ingrid so eloquently put it, ‘You need to have focus on who it is you are actually using social media to attract.’  After years of experience as a marketing manager for Royal LePage Canada, she is an expert at helping someone define the target audience. She encouraged all of us, through a brief exercise, to figure out who we best associate with and then look for common threads, interests and groups (both on and off-line). It is a simple exercise that is sure to help grow your business. Ingrid made it clear that at the end of the day, targeting the right audience will save you time and money too. Lets face it, if your target audience is retirees who are thinking about downsizing and buying a place in Florida, opening a Twitter account for a group who is 70+ years old is probably not going to get you any business. The same can be said for a Facebook business page. Successful agents know their audience. Get to know yours.

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