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January 27, 2012

The Friday Five for Jan 27

by mark mclean

Happy Friday. I have assembled a wicked list for you to check out over the next few days. Enjoy.

Great information from @techcrunch on social media trends. I think it is important to see how television is going to be affected.

Don’t let the title of this one fool you. These are ten awesome tips designed to rock any business including real estate. I am especially drawn to the Neilson Report on how important recommendations are. Thanks to @mashable

Check out this great interview with New York Times Columnist Nick Kristof. He is very active on social media and talks about how he engages with his large following. Since the implementation of Facebook Subscribe, he’s seen a big change in the value of Facebook. Kristof says he has 1.2 million Twitter followers, but his Facebook subscribers, who are only a fourth of that number, are more engaged. This might be the reason that Keith Tarswell has a higher Klout Score than me. Thanks to @mashable

It’s funny that we never talk much about LinkedIn, especially how we, as realtors, can use it. Check out this article for some interesting thoughts on the subject.

The Friday Five wouldn’t be complete without one mention from @jeffbullas so here are three. Actually it is one article that has three parts and it is all about video blogging. Of course I am all about video these days yet I haven’t done any yet, but when I do……

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