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February 3, 2012

The Friday Five for February 3

by mark mclean

If this is Friday, then it must be time for a little light Social Media and Technology tips. Have a great weekend.

How do you grow a Tribe? According to Seth Godin it requires 3 essential elements to grow a tribe?  Motivation, Connecting, Leverage. Thanks to @jeffbullas

The definitive tweet explained. @megangarber and The Atlantic

Although not real estate related, this article is about the Ads that will be shown on this week’s Super Bowl broadcast. I wanted to point it out because in the old days you only saw an ad once. If you left the room you missed it. What this post drives home is that when we do something great, it is recorded and available on the internet. It is an amazing opportunity to create greatness AND share it.  Thanks to @mashable

Just like Google+, and Facebook, you can make groups on Twitter to help you get through all the noise. it is not something I have done yet, but it is on my “things to do list” This post will show you how to get it done. Thanks to @craighcollins

Okay, Don’t call me Dr. Twitter just yet. I’m still in the middle of my learning curve but here are some tips on how to be a power Twitter user. Thanks to @neilpatel


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