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February 10, 2012


The Friday Five for February 10th

by mark mclean

Happy Friday. If you are feeling overwhelmed by Technology and Social Media, fear not, The Friday Five is here. Hopefully, these are great finds that the average person can understand.

Need a reason to blog? Look no further. Here are seven good ones. Thanks to @jeffbullas

Have you heard of Social Bro? it is a program that you can download that will help you manage and grow your Twitter followers. Here is the link with more explanation, but if you want to take a closer look at it, I suggest you look it up on YouTube for a demo. Social Bro will help you follow the right people, those that are engaged and active on Twitter. In return, those people will, hopefully, follow you back. I  started using it a few months ago and went from about 700 followers to nearly 1500. Hey, its worth a try, and its free.  Thanks to @socialbro

Unlike blogs, websites tend to be a little on the static side, so have a look at this article about the 10 essential features of a good website. The point is to get business from it…and these tips should help. Thanks to @mashable

I heart infographics. Take a look at this great one from @socialmouths on content marketing. Do you even know what content marketing is? and can we use it in the real estate business? The answer is YES. Many people are already doing it. This is a great post on what it is and why it works.

Finally, just to prove how important it is to have your website or blog mobilized, check out this video. Here a woman who demonstrates our addiction with the phone.

Have a great week!


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  1. Your Friday Fives posts have become one of my favorite features on your blog, and on weeks when I’ve been too busy to keep up with the rest of the internet I always come back here to see what you’ve found! Thanks for the great posts.

    • Feb 10 2012

      Wow, thanks Eric. I really appreciate your feedback. If you ever have any topics to suggest please let me know.


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