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February 24, 2012

The Friday Five for February 24th

by mark mclean

Happy “Last Friday of the Month”. In honour of this occasion, I am happy to present your Friday Five. Awesome jems guarenteed to Rock your Real Estate Business. Well actually, they will only rock if you want them to rock. That’ my full disclosure. Have a great weekend and talk to you in March.

So, do you write a blog? Yes? Do you find your writing consistant? Maybe not. I know I sometimes struggle.  Well, here are 12 tips and tricks for being consistant from, wait for it, @12most.

Ah, the misunderstood “about” page on your website or blog. You know the one. You write that little blurb about who you are and then forget about it. Yes, I am guilty of neglect myself. Well there is hope, thanks to @billlublin

Have you heard of this guy named@GuyKawasaki  ? Well he is a bit of a genius and worth following on twitter. He has passed along some more writing tips care of another famous writer.

Social Media Etiquette? It exists. Should we ignore it? Maybe. Check out this article via @pushingsocial

How can you ignore the advice of a guy named Doctor Woody? I mean really. Anyway, he has a few great things to say on the topic of using social media to get extra exposure for your brand. it is worth a read. Thanks to @your_say 

If you can’t click through then copy the link into your adress bar. Cheers. m



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