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March 16, 2012

The Friday Five for March 16th

by mark mclean

Hi everyone. I’m feeling really good about this week’s Friday Five. I think I have some great stuff to share with you and it will only take ten minutes of your time. Enjoy.

The first is a video thanks to @craighcollins. He is the senior VP at Maximize Social Media. It is the best description of how Social Media differs from traditional marketing. Well produced. Consider adding some of these points when a client asks you to waste money on newspaper ads.  You will be glad you did.

This is a great one from @Inc magazine. I came across it quiet accidentally and although they were probably not thinking about the real estate business when they wrote it,  I think there are some valuable points to consider.

So we are always thinking about ROI or Return on Investment, but are we forgetting ROE or Return on Experience? This might seem like a radical idea, but check out this blog from @davidjohn_son who is writing for @socialmedia2day who says that to succeed today we have to enchant our clients. Interesting concept.

From the Social Media brain @JeffBullas comes a great list of what the best content is for your blog. I can certainly attest to point 7, statistics. When I published stats on TREB membership, I watched my traffic jump 400%. People love graphs and stats.

Finally, check out this cool infographic on How Social Media is changing the landscape of customer service. Thanks to @alltwtr.  It is worth studying.


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