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March 20, 2012


I’m Successful Because…..

by mark mclean

Happy Monday. The great weather has put a spring in everyone’s step so I thought I would take advantage of overall positive mood in the office to get some audience participation going during our morning meeting. So, after getting all the house keeping out-of-the-way, I asked each agent to come up with a word or phrase that completed this sentence; “I’m successful because……” When you get right down to it, success cannot be attributed to just one thing, so it was interesting to get the agents to evaluate their attributes and pick one single answer. I wrote down all the answers and stuck them to our front desk. Check out the responses below.

The next thing I did was to rearrange the answers into two categories. The first, or “soft qualities” on the right are those intrinsic qualities that we hopefully all have. They are qualities  like “I’m honest” or “I work hard” or “I’m likeable” . The second category deals with learned behaviour like ” my message is consistent” or “I work in a niche market” or ” I spend a lot of money on branding” These  “hard qualities” take a lot more time to develop . It was clear that everyone gauges their successes differently. Check out the rearranged list below.

  While there are no right or wrong answers the takeaway from this exercise is pretty straightforward. When asked, the agents, experienced or new to the game, could specifically pinpoint the single biggest factor in their success, however they were quick to point out that it wasn’t the only thing. Success comes from doing a bunch of things really well.  Naturally I would love to hear from other agents on what they would add to my list.

Have a great week.

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  1. jeffgingerich
    Mar 27 2012

    Great exercise Mark. Without a prior relationship, good SEO will get you in the door. However, if you can’t establish rapport, you’ll be batting .000. The default for sellers is still someone they know, like and trust.

    • Mar 27 2012

      Yes I think you nailed it. You need to go on-line to get off-line.

  2. Mar 27 2012

    Hi Mark.
    Great excercise and my answer to ” I am succesful because” of my product knowledge “HOMES” as a former custom home builder and I am Honest.

  3. Oct 3 2013

    Interesting exercise and a great insight to how agents evaluate what is successful. Will think about this. thanks!

    • Oct 4 2013

      Thanks Rita. Love to know if you would add anything to this list. Cheers


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