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March 23, 2012

The Friday Five for March 23

by mark mclean

Happy Friday everyone. For those that don’t already know, the Friday Five is a collection of neat finds that I have personally curated. They are meant to help and enhance the Social Media experience for Realtors everywhere. Enjoy!

So you want to be a leader in Real Estate right? Ok then, check out the  12 Most essential leadership traits. There is a great bit of info in this article; According to a recent survey conducted by Manpower, 80% of employees would leave their jobs if they could. Why? Because they hate their jobs and their bosses. Now do you get an idea of how important these traits are?  Thanks to….you guessed it @12most

The Friday Five wouldn’t be complete without something from @JeffBullas. I’m a huge Twitter fan so I am always on the lookout for anything that proves that I’m not just wasting time. Bingo. Found one of the best.  I think this post clearly demonstrates that Twitter can be both a distraction and an interruption but is also an important tool for planning, marketing and networking for business.

Do you hate to read the Friday Five? Then Here’s a video to watch. It’s an interview with Marni Smith author of the new book New Relationship Marketing and Facebook Marketing, An Hour A Day. thanks to @smexaminer

Talk about the world moving at the speed of light. This has nothing to do with Real estate but when I heard about it I thought, Dam, why didn’t I think of that? An app that turns your phone into a remote for your TV. Duh? Thanks to @mashable

Is traditional advertising dead? Dropping flyers, newspapers too costly for the amount of return? Check out this great article from @fastcompany on “The Golden Age of Advertising”. As the blogger wrote, ” As an agency it is our goal to make 2012 the year of great content. Content that breaks through the clutter, has context, provides information, entertainment, or utility. Content that is authentic and real and will help our clients change the conversation, because brands that get talked about are brands that get bought”. I thought this was an excellent and relevent snippet to our business.


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