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March 30, 2012

The Friday Five for March 30th

by mark mclean

THAT was a crazy week. All I can say is TGIF. Hopefully many of you will enjoy the fruits of your labour this weekend. I have assembled another awesome collection of web finds that will make you say “hmmm”. As always, my goal is to keep an eye out for articles, stories, videos and ideas that will help you grow and promote your real estate business. So without further adieu, I bring you this week’s fabulous finds.

Recently we sent out a message to the whole company asking them to send us links to any video they may have so that we could add it to our Youtube channel. Video is such a big part of SEO. Recently I did a search of downtown Toronto Homes and on the first page in Google search were videos by our own Clive McLean. That’s got to say something. So check out these fun facts from  @JeffBullas about the creation of Youtube and imagine how it will change your business.

This is crazy. If you post something on Facebook, 50% of its views (known as half-life) will happen in the first 3.2 hours. On Twitter its less, 2.8 hours. It seems that social media is happening so fast that it is hard to create an impact and stay in the conversation. While this is a lengthy article from @hubspot there some great take away points when it comes to measuring your impact and determining what tactics you need to stay front and centre.

Check out this video from the founder of @smedio on Branding. It is a bit on the long side but what I liked about it is his clear definition of what “Brand” is. Once you know what your brand is you can run your business better.

This one, from @forbes,  is short and to the point. We are all in sales, so if you want to excel at your career here are five quick tips. Think about them on your way to your next listing appointment and see if the outcome of that appointment changes.

At yesterday’s Bosley Social Media and Technology Connect meeting we talked about Blogging for beginners and in particular the notion of Hyper Local Marketing or Niche Marketing. Here is a great video from @inmannext  featuring Chris Leader that spells it out perfectly. If you are thinking about farming a particular area, this video will get you started. At the end of the day, Niche Marketing is about spending less and getting more. I like the sounds of that.


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