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April 5, 2012

Friday Five for April 6th

by mark mclean

Because it’s a long weekend, I thought I would get the Friday Five to you a little early this week. I have some great stuff to review. I think you might just walk away with a full brain. So, sit yourself down and pull up a chair.

Call me the poster child for trying to build a tribe. If you ever get a chance please read Seth Godin’s book “Tribes”. It is short and easy to read and hopefully it will give you lots of really good ideas too. Thanks to the brainpower that is @jeffbullas

Believe it or not, I don’t hit every tweet out of the park and if you are like me you might just get a lot out of “The fine art of tweeting”. Check out these tips from some of the top stars of Twitter.

The thing with Social media is that there may not be a good way to actually connect your efforts to sales. This is a great article that stresses the importance of communicating back and with those people who are in your stream. This might help you answer the question….”If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it fall, does it actually make a sound?” Deep thoughts. Thanks to @socialmedia2day

@biggirlbranding has a great post on the dangers of re-branding. When I first read it I thought “wait a minute, this isn’t just about re-branding, it’s about branding and fine tuning your brand”. Hope you get some thing relevent out of it.

I knew that one of the best ways to get a higher ranking was to link other blogs to mine but I could never find a decent article on it….until now. If you don’t believe linking works just think about this; one of the reasons Bosley Real Estate ranks so high in search engines is because most of our 200+ agents have links from their personal site to ours. It works. Check out this article from @blpro

Yes I have given you this week’s Friday Five so I have kept up my end of the bargain and fulfilled my obligation happily, but I couldn’t resist sending along this one. While not real estate related, I was fascinated by this article about how governments are using social media. As @markwschaefer says; the power and potential of social media is awe-inspiring. Hope you will agree.

Have a safe and happy long weekend and remember to “Keep on Tweeting in the Free World”!


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