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April 13, 2012

The Friday Five for April 13.

by mark mclean

It’s time for The Friday Five. And while Friday the 13th is known as a bad luck day, this Friday Five is all good! I’ve curated some awesome finds from the world of Social Media and Technology for you that will really enhance your real estate business.

Do you still QR Codes are for techies? Do you think they will go the way of the Dodo? The jury may still be deliberating. Some argue that they are unsightly but when used properly (have you seen my business card?)  they can provide lots of information with just one click ( or scan). Check out this article courtesy of @agbeat

In case you didn’t already know it, I use Twitter a lot. I send out a couple of dozen messages a day using Hootsuite but I really try to make my tweets interesting. Check out this top five tips. I especially like the point about having a good bio and website. It shows you are taking your tweeting seriously.

Okay so if you were paying attention you probably read the paragraph above and thought “Mark tweets 24 times a day? Is he crazy?” the answer is NO and here is why. Thanks to @alltwtr

You will love this article about how to spread the word, whatever that may be ( but let’s say real estate) it was written by James Fowler, an internationally recognized political scientist who specializes in the study of social networks, human cooperation, and political participation. Brilliant!

Think Twitter is just for sending out messages? Think again. This post is not related to real estate in anyway…..unless you are selling a house in Argentina with a Smart Car in the garage.

Have a safe and awesome week.

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