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April 27, 2012

The Friday Five for April 27th

by mark mclean

Happy Friday. I am really excited by this week’s Friday Five. Hope you get a lot out of this collection of blog posts. If their is something you want more information on please let me know. I love collecting this information.

Who says Tumblr is for those that only like to look at pretty pictures? I stumbled across this awesome post earlier this week from IBM.  Are you a Connected Maestro or an Efficiency Expert? Huh? What? Better just read this.

We can’t all be The Fabio of Social Media so when all else fails there is this post on “Attraction Marketing”. The idea is simply to take the desire to buy, which already exists, and satisfy that need by giving the customer what they want. Attraction marketing is based upon the idea that the best advertisement for the products you are selling is you.

People that refer you business do so because they know how hard you work and what a good job you do. They are not afraid to recommend you to their friends. So we need to continue to foster our relationships with them. But what if you are just getting started and don’t have those trusted relationships? Here is a great post on developing those “Evangelists”. 

Is social media the right tool for your business? Here are 12 awesome  guidelines to help you use social media as a strategic marketing tool for your real estate business. The link is really long so it must be important. 

Ok. if you still believe social media is a passing fad, even after months of me cramming The Friday Five down your throat, check out this Infographic from Mashable on how Social media is taking over how we get our daily news.  Newspapers….RIP?


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