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May 18, 2012

The Friday Five for May 18th

by mark mclean

Not only is it Friday, but it is the Friday of a long weekend and it looks like the weather is going to co-operate. While some people will be lucky enough to jet off to locations unknown, the rest of us at least have this week’s Friday Five. Five awesome finds on Social Media and Technology.

I thought this post was really interesting. It is about user engagement on all the social media platforms. There were some big surprises. User engagement refers to how effective a site is at keeping users interested once they sign on. A quick scan of comScore reports from March of this year shows that, while they may be the best at attracting new users, sometimes the major players in the social networking game don’t always do a great job of keeping those users interested. I’m glad I have not one, but two Tumblr accounts, but what the heck is Tagged?

Time to get back to the basics of Twitter? Time for Twitter 101. Lesson One. Etiquette.

Last week I introduced Twylah a unique way of sending out tweets via a landing page. It is still in Beta test so I signed up and have given it a whirl. Wow. It is very cool. The upside is that when people click on a link that is imbedded in your tweet, it opens to a custom landing page that looks like this…  (you may only be able to open this if you are signed into twitter). I can see how Twylah could drive more traffic to your site more than simply clicking on a non Twylah version of the same link…. The downside for me is that I have to use Buffer rather than Hootsuite to schedule out tweets using Twylah and the link only provides an intro to the link so if readers want to read the full story, they have to click-through which is one extra step. To read more about Twylah check out;

I’m currently reading a book called “Likeable”. If you guessed that it is a book on Facebook and the power of the “Like” button, you are correct. It was interesting that I came across this post, with a cool list called the 12 Most Likeable Takeaways From a Social Media Conference. The list was provided by the authors of “Likeable”

This is an interesting post on building trust on-line. It is one thing to be sending stuff out, but another to get people to recognize you are a trusted source.

 It’s not your job to tell your customers what your values are. It’s your job to let them experience those values by bringing them into your brand’s fold. Read how here;
Happy reading and have an awesome and safe long weekend.

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