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June 15, 2012


The Friday Five for June 15th

by mark mclean

Yes yes, it’s hot and sunny outside. You would rather be sitting on a patio somewhere enjoying a nice frosty beverage. Well thanks to smart phones and tablets, you can still read RealtyLab’s Friday Five! Talk about multi-tasking. I have some good ones that span a bunch of great topics all guaranteed to help your business.

Okay, you can thank me now or you can thank me later. this is the definitive guide to WordPress blogging. Within this post is EVERYTHING you need to know about WordPress.

What is ‘branding’? Simply speaking, branding is about creating a consistent message for your customer base. One that communicates the same firm philosophy and image across the board. Check this great post from Transition Marketing.

This is a great one on selling to different generations.  According to marketing research firm, The Nielsen Company, marketing across the generations requires very specific, individualized marketing strategies to be effective. With three major consumer groups being represented in the US population post 1964, the key to developing a branding strategy that speaks their language lies in brands’ understanding of the cultural and political influences that shaped them. Cool.

Ideas to turn into wonderful content swirl all around us. The trick is to notice, seize and transform them… and then send them out on the social web. Here is a great list of where content can come from.

Finally I wouldn’t feel like The Friday Five was complete without at least one contribution from Jeff Bullas. Here is a great one on building an on-line community through campaigns. The good stuff is near the end. Do you think you could adopt one of these strategies for your real estate business?

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  1. Transition Marketing
    Jun 15 2012

    Thanks for the reference mes amis!


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