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September 28, 2012

The Friday Five for September 28th

by mark mclean

Welcome to the last Friday Five of the month. I’ve got some beauties for you this week, so find yourself a quiet little spot and have a peak….

You’ve probably figured this out by now: “homes for sale” in your city is one  of the most competitive search queries on Google. If you’ve accepted the fact  that your website will only get up to the 10th page – DON’T! There are a lot of  things you can do to move your website further up in search engine results.

This guy isn’t a “hater” of Social Media but he does make a good point. Social media is one thing but referrals remain the number one source for real estate business.

When most people thinking of “real estate blogging” they think of posts like market updates, buyer and seller tips, and way too many “featured” listings. But good neighbourhood blogging means Targetted and Consistent reporting on a Specific Geographic Niche with the Goal of Becoming the Trusted Authority and Dominating that Market in Your Particular Field.

Pinterest is becoming a valuable tool for your real estate business. This new visual social media platform experienced a moving average growth of 85% from mid-January 2012 to March 2012. With the release of the Pinterest app for Android and iPad and the fact that Pinterest is now open for everyone to join (no request for invitation required), growth is surging!

Finally, What is the value of your social media assets and is it worth measuring? A great post.

Have a great weekend!

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