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October 19, 2012

The Friday Five for October 19th

by mark mclean

Happy Friday. Hope you enjoy the lighter side of today’s post. 2 great videos, one of which will really make you think.

I don’t care what anyone says, if the story has an interesting title I will probably read it. In this case the post is called The Dysfunctional Guide to Blogging (and Business) Success.  Have you ever wondered how some bloggers seem to suddenly take off — or come out of nowhere and steal your attention and your audience? Their subscriber numbers blow up into the six-figure digits … they garner a gargantuan mob of Twitter followers … and everywhere you look people are talking about them. No I’m not talking about myself- sadly. Thanks to @CopyBlogger anyway.

Why do people blog? It is a question that has confounded the universe for millenia. So @JeffBullas did a little poll and asked that simple question. Are you interested in the results? They are here.

I found this interesting post on Social Media and mobile and thought it was interesting. Thanks @MaximizeSocial. It reminded me of this hilarious scene in Parks and Recreation. check it out.  

File this under KISS.  Be useful. Be interesting. Or be ignored. This is the three sentence survival guide for anyone who wants to earn attention and ultimately, influence action. Okay, sounds easy enough. Thanks to @TMGMedia for this one!

Finally, I stumbled upon this video the other day from IBM called The Internet of Things. If you think the internet is huge, you ain’t seen anything yet. I’m not sure if this is scary or amazing. I will leave it to you to decide.

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