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November 28, 2012


Mastermind for November 28th. Seller’s Motivation. Do They Need to Sell Now?

by mark mclean

Happy Wednesday. Well the fall is on us. It is getting darker earlier. There is a distinct snap in the air. Despite all that, things are humming along at our office evidenced by the rather lively Mastermind this morning that revolved around seller’s motivation. A few agents were wondering why people kept their properties for sale over the holidays. Do they need to sell or are the listing agents too lazy to have a discussion about what a bad strategy that is?  I asked the group this question; As a percentage, how many sellers out there NEED to sell? That is, they are financially strapped and need to have their property sold quickly. Surprisingly, the answers varied widely so I decided to throw the question out to all the RealtyLab followers and ask you to weigh in. All responses are annonymous and I will post the results on December 18th. You can take the survey once for each listing you have . Take the survey here

Surveys are an excellent way to take the temperature of the market and who better to respond then the people who are in the trenches everyday. My hope is that the results will help us understand what is going on with Sellers right now so that we can adapt the way we are doing business. Thanks in advance for your honest answers.

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  1. Nov 29 2012

    Divorce, Debt, Disaster and Death are all realistic life events.
    One missed category was Price Reduction vs remove and relist in the spring.

    Will Prices be Better with increased inventory in March 2013?

    David Pylyp

    • Nov 30 2012

      Thanks for that David. I should have put those in. Regardless, I think there will be some interesting results. Cheers.


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