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December 11, 2012


T’was The Week Before Christmas

by mark mclean

Christmas Realty Laboratory Sticker Circle White

T’was the week before Christmas

When all through the city

All the agents were quiet

Things really looked shitty


With iPhones and Blackberrys

Hung off their hip

They hoped for the most part

This was just a small blip


With investors too scared

And buyers at bay

Agents had visions

“No offers till May”?


The Post and the Star reported

This looks like trouble

Never fear said the banks

“There isn’t a bubble”


When out of the blue

There arose such a chatter

From Garth Turner with truth

“Real estate matters”!


Away to their listings

They flew in a flash

Tore open the shutters

Threw out the trash


The weather was mild

No need for snow tires

I’ll write a new blog

I’ll send out more flyers


When what to their wondering

Eyes should appear

But several hot buyers

They’re coming, they’re near!


Out came the iPads

Dust them off fast

Log in to TREB quickly

Don’t be the last


More rapid than Felix

They fell from the sky

Buyers and Sellers

Willing to try


On contractors, inspectors

Brokers, first timers

On builders and flippers

Staggers and lawyers


To the front door you go

Run down the hall

Now, dash away, dash away

Dash away all!


The cycle’s behind us

We’re in for a ride

No time to wait

Don’t sit on the side


So up to the doorsteps

The agents they flew

With arms full of just list cards

And a few contracts too


And then, in a twinkling,

We heard on the news

The prancing and pawing of each little shoe

Then we heard from Jim Flaherty

A new budget came roun.

The public had spoken

And taxes came down


He was chubby and plump

A right jolly MP

And we cheered when we saw him

A great sight to see


A bundle of stimulus

He had flung on his back

And he looked like a pedlar

Just opening his pack


To each realtor he said

No HST shall you pay

Our jaws dropped to the floor

This was definitely our day


Then Mayor Ford took the stage

“I shan’t be out done

There’s a chance I’ll be fired

So let’s have some fun”


His eyes how they twinkled

His dimples how merry

His cheeks were like roses

10 cocktails too many


“The land transfer’s unfair

This isn’t a ploy

I’ll kill it right now”

Our hearts filled with joy


Then we heard him exclaim

As he flew out of site

“Happy selling to all

And to all a good night”.

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  1. Dec 11 2012

    This is brillant and so funny!!!!

  2. Dec 12 2012

    Reblogged this on Real Estate Virtual Assistant and commented:
    This is soo great!


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