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January 30, 2013


Inman Connect and Agent Reboot NYC 2013 Recap

by mark mclean

Have you heard the expression “kid in a candy store”? That was me a year ago when I headed down to New York City to attend my first Agent Reboot and Inman Connect conference. If you are an active participant in the real estate world and have more than a passing fancy for technology and Social Media, you’ve probably heard of these conferences before. But if you are just scratching the surface on the possibilities that exist, well, it’s probably worth attending one Inman conference. There is a lot of learning, some decent networking and a little site seeing in the evenings, if you’re interested.

Last year there was a lot of talk about the things you needed to do in order for your real estate business to thrive. Connecting with customers was top of the list. Making an impact, and measuring that impact. Video was a prime example. Every speaker said video is important. You have to do video. Video will help your SEO. Video will save us all. Okay fine. I get it. I need to do more video. Only one problem. I’m terrified of doing video. I’m no good on camera. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to edit.

This year the focus was on the new tools available to make the experience memorable AND measurable. Three great apps drove home the point that new technologies can make the interaction between Realtor and consumer smooth and effortless. Check out and download the app today. This brilliant app allows you to create a quick and inexpensive photo book right from your phone. Or how about Apps like “ink” or “cards” that allow you to create stunning custom cards mailed right to your clients or potential customers. Check out or go to the app store and check out CARDS. There are some added expenses getting these to Canada. My favorite of the conference was Videolicious. It’s a cool app that allows you to create pretty awesome video at a moment’s notice. Check out this video I did of my trip to NYC using my iPhone.

While there were plenty of bright shiny objects on display there was also an overriding theme (or concern) that the real estate transaction could turn into a “latte experience”. Simply put, it is the notion that buying or selling a home could become as easy as buying a cup of coffee in the local coffee shop. While the idea seems far-fetched I think it is important to understand that we have achieved a higher level of information parity with our clients. The information is out there and clients now have it too. So, if this is the case, how can we turn up the heat on the home buying or selling experience? From that perspective there was a lot of discussion. One consistent was how we use our phones (agents and clients alike). There is no question that we have advanced to the “one screen world”. Are agents using the technology to their advantage? Consider these facts;
93 % start search on Internet but 75% never scroll past the first page. Are you doing enough to make sure you are showing up early enough in the search?
61% consider local search results more relevant. Are you the local expert?
58% consider local search results more trustworthy.Are you providing relevant information about your area and are you a trusted source for information?
96% researched a product or service on their phone. Are you providing adequate details on the properties you are selling?
90% acted within 24 hrs. Are you returning calls on time?
70% called business after searching. Are there enough calls to action on your mobile site?

All and all a worthwhile event. I’m looking forward to attending the next one in San Fransisco this summer. I hear you need to bring a heavy sweater.

On a personal note, the morning of my first day in NYC I hit a milestone. You can check that out here;

have a great day!

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  1. Jan 30 2013

    Mark you’re a natural on camera. Good job.

    • Feb 1 2013

      Well now you are just making me blush. Thanks Josie

  2. Feb 13 2013

    Maybe I need to start hitting these roadshows myself!
    A little travel fun!


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