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February 1, 2013

Friday Five for February 1

by mark mclean

Rabbits! In my family it is a long-standing tradition to say Rabbits on the first day of each month. it is supposed to give you good luck! Honestly, I could use all the luck I can find but when there’s no luck to be found, well hard work can make you pretty lucky too. I think it was Samuel Goldwyn who famously said ” The harder I work, the luckier I get”. Anyway this Friday five isn’t about luck. It’s about helping you find the tools to make you a successful realtor. Enjoy

This one is kinda funny. Entitled….What Brands And Marketers Can Learn From A Flight Attendant. Really it is about the new buzzword “Transparency”

This post by @SMExaminer is called “26 tips for getting started in social media”. Chances are you are all ready well along in what you are doing so my thinking was that this post would simply provide would just provide a great opportunity to understand the backbone of a successful social media strategy.

Get on the bus. The content marketing bus. There’s no doubt about it, the business world has woken up to marketing with valuable content as a way of attracting leads and boosting sales. But while everyone is talking about it, not everyone is getting it right. check out these five ways people can miss the bus.

I’m not going to hide the fact that I’m going to be doing a lot more video so I want you to think about creating video that, first and foremost, creates an emotion. Check out this video that celebrates not just a simple donut store but the process of making a delicious $3 donut. Could you use video to create that kind of excitement about your business?

Finally I want to end this week’s Friday Five with this amazing SlideShare entitled “10 Crucial Consumer Trends of 2013”. This is well worth the look not to mention you will learn some new terms like “presumers and custowners” that will make you look way smarter to the people you talk too.


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