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February 6, 2013


Don’t Hit The Snooze Button On Your Real Estate Career

by mark mclean

This seems to be a common occurance in our industry. An agent is gung ho to drop a news letter or flyer in a neighbourhood. The first few go according to plan. They get out on time and are loaded with great information. Then they get busy with buyers or new clients or maybe something unrelated comes up. They delay the latest mailer by a week. Then it’s two weeks. Then they convince themselves that people won’t notice if they miss a month. Maybe they decide to take the summer off because they talk themselves into believing that everyone in their farm area are away on vacation. Before long, the agent stops mailing out stuff altogether. Unfortunately there’s a problem with that. You’ve spent time, effort and money getting your name out there. When you stop, people forget about you. All that hard work goes down the drain. Mailers are about name recognition and every agent will tell you that it is rare to pick up a client with one or two mail drops. This should be a long term committment.
Hey, this is exactly what happens when you work out. You get up early a couple of times a week and go for a run or hit the gym. After a few weeks you start looking and feeling great. Then you stop. Before you know it all that effort is gone and if you want to get back into shape again, you have to start the process all over. This should come as no big surprise.
This morning I woke up at 6am to go for my run. It was dark and cold outside. I contemplated hitting the snooze button. Trust me, it takes a whole lot less effort to push a button then to climb out of bed and go for a run. But, I need to get back into shape. Just like last year, I want to run 1000kms. I am committed to the process and the discipline. I know I’m not going to achieve my goal overnight.

Treat your business like a marathon. Today’s take away is simply this…Don’t hit the snooze button on your real estate career.

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  1. Feb 6 2013

    Great post, Mark. Hope to see more of these vids!

    • Feb 6 2013

      Thanks Ara. AA bit nerve racking in the beginning but I’m figuring it out.

  2. premiercondos
    Feb 12 2013

    Really enjoying these posts. Keep it


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