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March 1, 2013


How To Become A Real Estate Super Hero in 10 Easy Steps

by mark mclean

The other day I was asked how I managed to run 1000 kms in a year and I jokingly replied that it was actually very easy. The first thing I do is wake up and then I go outside and run. I simply keep repeating these two steps. But it got me thinking about the steps required to being a great realtor. Was it possible to break it down to ten steps or less? There are any number of books on the subject, and I wouldn’t take away their importance but, like any good elevator pitch, could I simplify it to a few steps? That was my challenge for the week.

A year ago I wrote a blog about the top 1% of Toronto Real Estate Agents When I did that there were only about 34,000 registered agents. Today there are well over 36,000 and when I looked at those numbers a bit closer and I came to several conclusions. If you sell 2 houses a year you instantly fall into the top 2/3’s of all GTA Realtors. Seriously, that should not be a challenge to most. If you sell 4 homes you would be in the top 1/2 of Toronto agents and 6 sales would put you in the top 1/3. At my office I work closely with new agents to get them to that 6 transaction mark as quickly as possible.  So what do you need to get there? Well, after managing for over 5 years I have discovered that there are actually consistencies in the success stories I see. When I look around my office, it is clear who has done well over the past year. They are the ones that have adhered the most to these suggestions. So without further ado I’m going to share my top ten things you should do to become a Real Estate Super Hero.

1. Show up for work every day. Real Estate is a job and like most “jobs” you are expected to be there. If you work 6-10 hours a day you are probably doing better than 80% of all the agents out there.

2. Be a full-time agent. Did I ever tell you about the shortest book in history? It’s called “Successful Part-Time Agents That I Know”. If you are a full-time agent you are already in the top 25%.

3. Have a Social Media presence. You don’t have to be a rock star at it but it is an important aspect of our job. You need a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account at a minimum. If you do, you can be in the top 15% .

4. Create interesting content through blogging. If you can’t write then do video. If you can’t do video then repost interesting stories. Probably the hardest thing to do BUT worth it. This can vault you into the top 5%.

5. Go to office meetings.  There is proof that if you surround yourself with knowledgeable people you become knowledgeable yourself. Just by showing up you can sit in the top 15% of agents out there.

6. Stay in front of people by having a good brand. Don’t just be Joe Blow. Be Joe Blow, chief information officer for “Realtors on Skateboards”.  A unique brand should put you in the top 5%.

7. Be consistent. Be on time. Return calls promptly and reward your best contacts and customers.   They say it is the little things that count. Agents lose leads when they don’t return calls or show a little gratitude. Be nice and be in the top 10%.

8. Help out other agents when they need it. Lets be honest, most agents won’t do anything unless there is a dollar figure tied to it but think about offering some free help in return for a little mentoring. Do it and you will advance to the top 1%.

9. Keep learning. Take classes. Get designations. Now that RECO is phasing out the 24 mandatory credits there isn’t really a need to learn anything anymore right? Wrong. You are never to old (or new) to learn. The smarts put you in the top 20%. 

10. Have Fun (and run) and share your experiences. A rewarding and successful career needs to be shared. So tell your stories. Participate in Mastermind programs or start your own and enjoy life in the top 5%.

Now, I’m not saying that if you do these ten things you will make $100K in your first year. These steps are the building blocks of your career.  Like running, you need to work at it to get better so consider these ten points your basic training for success. Obviously there is much more to being a successful agent. It is as much about building sustainable habits as it is about putting in the long hours.  Naturally I am open to the feedback and opinions of others and will happily change the numbers accordingly and add some points if asked.  The import thing to remember is that with 36,000 agents out there, the only question you should be asking yourself is how you can differentiate yourself?

Have a great day!

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  1. Ashton Paul
    Mar 3 2013

    These are very useful tips for a real estate agent. Being a mortgage agent like myself. Using this system will make your business grow without limits.

    Thank you

    Best Regards,

    Ashton Paul

  2. Mar 29 2013

    Great advice Mark and not just for new agents.

  3. Jun 26 2013

    mark, if I could continue to get good information like that, I’d run to the end of the world with you pal!

    • Jun 27 2013

      Awesome. Lets lace up those running shoes and take it to the street!

  4. Feb 21 2015

    Important Steps For Success!!


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