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March 1, 2013

The Friday Five for March 1st. Rabbits!

by mark mclean

five rabbitsHappy Friday everyone, I’m going to start off the Friday Five with a cool video that is the latest to go viral. I am the latest convert to the video blogging world but think about how quickly your brand can accelerate with one good video. The guy in this vide has been seen over 2 million times. When I watched it I kept thinking to myself, gee, I with 2 million people knew who I was. Heck I would be happy if that number were 2 thousand.

You may not have a 100-year-old brand, but you can be consistent in your messaging and in your brand. Don’t be all things to all people. Don’t change your brand messaging every other month with a new font or the next shiny new app. Be consistent in action, in your website, in how you interact with people, in your marketing, and in everything you do. Consistency breeds trust – and as we all know, we do business with those people that we know, like and trust. Check out these 3 lessons in branding from Inman News.

Some agents have been asking me about Pinterest, so here are the goods. Pinterest is a social image-sharing site that is basically like a virtual bulletin board that allows its users to connect and organize images that are of interest to them. Despite its young age, Pinterest has grown to be the third-largest Social Media Site on the planet and the fastest-growing site on the web today. It is growing faster than Twitter or Facebook did in their infancy. According to Mashable, Pinterest drives more traffic to blogs and websites than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. That statistic alone tells us this site is worth investing some of your time so read this

When it comes to Facebook and Twitter, you’re presented with some  pretty clear obstacles. How do you encourage more visits to your page? Even if  you get visitors, how long will they stay before something else draws them away?  Will users who engage with a status update or other piece of content continue to  discuss after an initial post? Social networks have an identity problem. Audience motivations and perspectives  don’t always align with the expectations of a brand. Thankfully we have another brilliant post from @JeffBullas

I love talking about brand, so imagine my excitement when I came across this little infographic. I think it sums up what we are all trying to achieve in 9 easy steps. Creating any sort of brand is a tough job, it takes a lot of work and time. Your brand has to offer something different and something people want, it basically has to be cool. When creating a personal brand the thing is to be cool. People have to like you for something and you have to offer something people want. You have to be interesting.  thanks to @ultralinx for this

In case you are wondering about the rabbits. In my family, saying Rabbits on the first day of the month gives you good luck!


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