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March 8, 2013


The Three R’s of Real Estate. Routine, Routine Routine

by mark mclean

Happy Friday. At this week’s Bosley Awards Night I was having a chat with one of our top agents who had taken up the 1000km challenge. he was asking me which runs were the hardest. Was it the first 5, 10, or 20? I joked a week ago when I said that running a 1000 kms was a simple two-step process….get up in the morning and run. The truth is that all the runs are hard but the process get easier over the year, not because you are getting fitter (although that is a natural byproduct) but because you get used to the routine. Like everything else, getting started is the tough part. Last year, when I started the 1000km journey, it was the first 20 or so that were the most difficult. Then it became a routine and I found that I coasted through the next 70. Once you set your sights on the end goal it feels like you are running downhill. Just like a marathon, you work hard to get out in front, then find your groove and settle in for long haul. It’s not until you see the finish line that you reach deep and find the energy to sprint to the finish line. The great thing about finding your perfect real estate routine is that there is no sprint required.
I’m reminded of another agent who works at our Merton office. Every morning he spends the first hour or so contacting previous clients. It is essentially a quick check in to keep him in the top of his client’s mind. Ask some basic questions about the kids, wish someone a happy birthday and then maybe a quick little update on real estate or news on what is happening on the street. Do you think it was hard for him to start doing this? Absolutely. Do you think it is still hard? Probably not. Now it’s just a part of his daily routine. So think about how you could apply the concept of routine building to your real estate business? Contacting your past clients is perhaps more important than finding new ones. Remember that one happy client can recommend you to several others. It’s called “Referral Business” and it is the cheapest way to grow your business.



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  1. Mar 11 2013

    Hello Mark! I love your blog and have been researching you and your company for awhile. I would love to intern or volunteer for you! I have tried contacting you many times at the Queen West office but I know you must be busy! Good for you! 🙂


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