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April 12, 2013


The Friday Five for April 12th

by mark mclean

april 12 friday fiveCrummy weather can’t stop me. I love putting the Friday Five together. Why? because all the information you could ever need to be a fantastic agent is out there. Don’t pay someone to tell you how to do Facebook ads or be an expert blogger. You have to find your own way of doing it. My passions are marketing, branding, blogging and social media. As such I do a fair bit of homework on those subjects and share it with agents across the country. The important thing to remember is that everything we do on-line only works if you have the abilities to show your stuff OFF LINE. Social Media is a fabulous tool that every agent should utilize but don’t do it all. Pick the ones that work FOR YOU! I am a Twitter fanatic, probably due to my short attention span. I suck at Four Square. I’m ok at Facebook, but I am the biggest fan of Tumblr (I have two accounts). To each his own. Go with what you know. Without further ado, here are this week’s Friday Five!

Word-of-mouth contagion has always been at the heart of smart marketing campaigns so when it comes to marketing to the social savvy consumer, consider these fine points via @Smedio

We have been pushing the implementation of doing real estate on iPads for a long time. With reason. Going paperless will help to change your business, and build your brand. Don’t believe me? Check out this post from @katieLance on why she is so passionate about docusign.

Doesn’t it make you sick when you google someone and their picture shows up next to the text? This happens because Google has implemented an Authorship Markup tool that allows writers to identify themselves to the search engine by linking their online works to their Google+ profiles. This allows for a blog, article, or website to stand out from the crowded search results with a picture of the writer inserted next to its description. Ok so the downside, if you want to call it that, is that you must have a Google+ account. Small price to pay. Good article and step by step directions from @inmannext. I did it and will let you know how it goes.

Here is another one from @KatieLance on the sociability of Real Estate. Long gone are the days of real estate marketing limited to bus stop benches and newspaper pull-outs. Real estate is fully online, and going social. I especially like number 3. Don’t forget that Real Estate is LOCAL.

There is corporate brand and then there is your personal brand. Can they work together. My favorite blogger Anna Rydne from @Coskills has a great post on the subject. Watch the short video by William Arruda a personal branding guru. Short and to the point.

Happy reading everyone. Oh, and see how my name is high lighted here? thats because of the whole Google authorship business. Hey if you need to reach me….just google me.
mark mclean

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  1. Apr 20 2013

    Thanks for giving me more bedtime reading material lol. All great info.


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