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May 14, 2013

The Friday Five for May 24th

by mark mclean

friday 5 for may 24The warmer weekends are upon us and while it may not be time to sit on the end of the dock just yet, it is always time to check out the Friday Five. I do my best most weeks to find relevant stories to make your real estate business better. it could be about brand, or marketing, or farming, or social media tips or new technology, or maybe a funny video. There is a lot of noise out there so hopefully the Friday Five is part of the solution and not the problem. Have a great weekend!

How can you create an effective real estate website if you don’t fundamentally understand the value of technology and the important role it plays in your success as a real estate agent? Here are 10 truths of technology and why it is essential for the modern-day real estate agent:

Prospects are more likely going to turn into customers when they feel that they will be buying from a company that is credible. The more credible you are — the more trust and authority that prospects ascribe to you — the more likely you are going to win their hard-earned dollars when they are ready to buy.Sounds simple enough. This is a great post by my friend @aaronhoos

Ready to start marketing your new company, product or brand? Before you create a blog, draft content for your brand-spanking-new website or start tweeting, first define your “brand voice.” In a nutshell, this is the heart and soul of your communications. More than specific words and phrases, your brand voice is the tone in which you speak to and connect with your audience.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re a member of the world’s largest business networking site for professionals. Here are some strategies to help you be more engaged and professional. Via @jeffbullas

Social Media and local search are influencing consumer behavior like never before. In real estate, being the expert in local, from the local deli to the best place to get a cup of coffee to where the school district lines are help position you as the local authority. Everything you do in social is helping to build your brand. Check out this post from @placester

mark mclean


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