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May 31, 2013

Friday Five for May 31st

by mark mclean

friday five may 31Why are Friday’s always so busy? Well it occurred to me that everything I didn’t get done during the week has to get done today and I suppose I’m a bit more productive when I have a deadline. Anyway, I’m thankful that I get to check out interesting stuff during the week and then simply cut and paste it to The Friday Five. So without further ado….I present the top finds for the week. Enjoy.

Content is King, right? That’s what we all hear but how do we keep up with creating content, marketing, tweeting, engaging, accounting, and having a life on the side? It’s all about finding the right content sources. Think of yourself as the funnel where you source only the best content that’s available in your niche thus becoming a resource yourself without having to “rewrite the yellow pages”.

A blog provides the perfect platform to write, post photos, embed videos, receive comments and with the rise of the social web, the blog is providing the foundation and pulpit for people to spread their ideas and showcase their expertise. So why has the blog resonated with people and why do people blog?

Blogging is good PR! When you start blogging and give it 12 months of consistent writing, good things start to happen. You become confident and assured that you have something to say. Your writing improves, you gain voice, and you may even make the jump from personal to professional blogger.

Managing a Facebook brand page takes time and effort. Just creating a page won’t help you reach your marketing goals. But it turns out, there are some super simple steps you can take to start gaining traction for your page. So simple, in fact, that many people miss them. Don’t let your page linger in obscurity. Take a few minutes each day over the next couple weeks to carry out these 16 easy steps.

Are you an influencer? One of the big focuses in social marketing today is influencer marketing. The idea being that if you can get one person to tell something to their large audience, their audience will listen. For organizations this is seen as less effort and potentially high response.

mark mclean

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