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June 7, 2013

Relationships, Rewards and Referrals. It’s That Easy.

by mark mclean

I’m a big fan of trying to explain real estate in the simplest of terms, not because my readers have a low threshold for understanding information but because I want them to remember it. So without further ado, I bring you the three R’s of real estate. Relationships, Rewards and Referrals. I talk a lot about prospecting because, simply put, if you aren’t adding 10 prospects a day to your sales funnel (hey I’d settle for 5 a day), then you aren’t doing it right. Of course adding names to a list or a computer program isn’t going to improve your business unless you are prepared to act (or interact) with your prospects. Successful agents manage their prospect lists on a daily basis. It goes without saying that this is about building relationships. Typically you build relationships by building trust. That trust comes from honest discussions, market and product knowledge, how you dress and how you talk and communicate. It can even come from something as simple as returning calls promptly. So you’ve built the trust and your clients have purchased a house. It’s reward time for both of you. Short and sweet. You have found the perfect house, you’ve negotiated the deal and provided excellent post-sale care. You have been rewarded with a commission and your clients have a new home. Time to watch the referrals pour in. It should literally be as easy as that. Lets call it the circle of real estate life. Lets also remember that buyers and sellers are a fickle bunch so keep constant contact with past clients. You never know when their friends or relatives are going to sell and you want to remain top of mind!

mark mclean


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