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July 30, 2013

Back To The Basics of The Home Search

by mark mclean

blog for July 30If you have been an agent in Toronto for any length of time you recognize that the real estate market tends to slow down a bit in the summer months. We’ve all been working pretty hard so a quieter pace is always welcome. We cut back our weekly meetings and take a collective breath as we recharge our batteries, catch up on work, plan for the fall or simply enjoy the summer heat . Well, as they say, there’s no rest for the weary as we find ourselves as busy as ever. We are on our way to recording one of the best Julys in years.

Considering the great weather, we had a great turnout. I thought at this morning’s meeting we would take a few moments to take stock of what’s going on in the market.
The good news is that everyone is busy but the biggest complaint out there is that there is not enough product. I like conducting a quick poll to best guage what is going on. It was clear that the agents are working with way more Buyers than Sellers. At the end of the day this is not a terrible problem to have. But no product out there? This got me thinking. I’m in a room full of real estate agents who are hired by buyers to find them a home. Waiting for properties to show up on MLS is NOT finding a home! If someone has contracted me to find them a property where I could potentially make $20,000, I’m going to do everything in my power to do my job ….including spending a little money and throwing in a little elbow grease.

So where does one start? When I got my license in 1988 my manager told me to go out and door knock, cold call, drop flyers and cover other agent’s open houses. She told me that for one simple reason…..because it worked. Today, you can add contacting people by email, twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or a host of other means. There is one difference though. When you were first starting in the business you were told to bang on doors to find listings.

Knock knock, “Hi, my name is Joe Smith from ABC Realty, I am your neighbourhood realtor. Do you want to sell your home?” Repeat.

Today your job is different. You are trying to find a home for your buyer.

Knock knock, ” Hi, my name is Joe Smith from ABC Realty. I have a fully qualified buyer looking to move into this neighbourhood. They recently missed out on a home similar to yours. Since they are currently renting they a pretty flexible on when they need to move. Are you considering a move in the next few months or do you know someone in the vicinity that is thinking about selling?”

Can you spot the difference? It’s HUGE. While the first example is about introducing yourself with the hope of getting a listing, the second is clearly a call to action. You HAVE an active and ready buyer. What could be easier? There is nothing scary about knocking on someone’s door when you have a real purpose.

I am reminded by the words of an old Realtor I know. “If the business doesn’t come to you…you go and find the business”. Looking for a house for your client? Do your job and find one the old-fashioned way.

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mark mclean

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