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July 30, 2013

Success in Real Estate is Like Eating an Elephant

by mark mclean

Last week I had a few freinds up to my farm in Prince Edward County. As I usually do, I started my Saturday morning with an early morning country run. When I got back, my buddy asked me how it went. I had to admit it was a tough one. In the early stages I just couldn’t get motivated. At about the 3rd kilometre I thought about turning around. That thought didn’t go away at kilometre 4 or 5 but then I thought, heck if I turn back now I’m already in for 10km so I might as well just keep going and do my 12kms. He said to me that pushing yourself like that is kind of like eating an elephant. I thought this was another great metaphor for running, business and life. My apologies to the vegetarians in the crowd.
Think about it for a moment. How does eating an elephant relate to being a great real estate agent. First of all, you can’t just start your career in real estate and expect to be a rock star right off the bat, neither can you expect to eat an elephant in one sitting. Just like our business, being successful means working up to it, accomplishing small tasks individually to get to the ultimate payoff. It’s clear that there are no quick fixes or easy paths to success. That comes only from hard work and determination. It is a very long process. I contemplated doing the math on how much people eat in a day compared to the weight of your average elephant, but I think you get the picture.
While we talk about the importance of social media to our business, it shouldn’t be the only thing we do. I think we all agree that it is a necessary part of our daily routine just like inspecting or showing houses, taking care of our accounting, connecting with clients, catching up on industry news or attending office meetings.
The point is that eating an elephant can be done as easily as being a great real estate agent. You just gotta pace yourself.
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mark mclean


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