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October 17, 2013

Is There Such A Thing As Real Estate Etiquette?

by mark mclean

Morning dancingIt seems every time I meet a new agent we talk about what the licensing process was like for them. There is always the same conclusion, OREA teaches you the moves but they don’t teach you to dance. At our company we have Bosley U, our own in-house training designed to give agents ( by my estimates) a two-year head start in the business. We do panel discussions on farming and marketing methods and we do a lot of drills and role-playing, listing presentations and mock offers. We even talk about the mechanics of booking showings and registering offers. My impression is that these critical steps get missed all to often leaving the new agent at a disadvantage and opening themselves up to possible legal problems with our trusted Registrar.
So, yes, some of the problem lies with the training right from the get go and some of the solutions should land squarely on the brokerage shoulders. The problem, unfortunately, is that some companies are not built to handle any additional training. To each is own. I’m not hear to judge but I would like to suggest that a good real estate etiquette course be a prerequisite to the licensing process. All to often the simple act of doing business gets mired down with poor communication, a lack time management skills and basic good manners. I was set off last week by a few complaints by agents in my office feeling bulldozed by some, in their opinions, rather shoddy business practices that, upon reflection, seemed rooted in a lack of etiquette. So, I decided to make that the topic of my meeting this week. A little lesson in real estate etiquette.
As I usually do, when asking for audience participation, I threw suggestions onto our front desk. The questions were simple; give examples of bad etiquette that needed to be fixed in order to make your transaction easier. I got some great responses. Have a look. (and yes, that’s fake blood dripping from my desk, courtesy of my Hallowe’en loving front office staff). recent morning meeting

I’m sure after you look at our list you will get that feeling of frustration for each point. So why do this? Well here’s the thing, if we are aware of what frustrates us, we may take more time to avoid those frustrating mistakes. Simple. Naturally, I’m all ears. Please let me know if you have anything to add.

mark mclean

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