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November 4, 2013

What’s The One Word That Defines You?

by mark mclean

I like to say that one of the reasons I write my blog is to help agents make fewer mistakes. I use the stories and experiences of other agents to drive home certain points. I write about agent best practices and sometimes I write about agent worst practices. The point is, even though it is on a small-scale, my hope is that we can all be exceptional Realtors and continue to prove our value to the consumer. Unfortunately, as with every industry, there are always a few bad apples, but I’m not here to call them out. Of course if they cross my path and the complaint is valid, I will pretty much always file a complaint. The reality is that I prefer to work at raising the bar of professionalism rather that bash those few that don’t meet our expectations. I got into a heated debate about this a few weeks ago when an agent I know made a disparaging remark about those few “less than competent” (or more specifically, unethical) agents out there. Maybe I prefer to be a “half full” kind of guy. I’m not out to build my Klout score by being shocking. But the debate did spark an idea in my mind. We talk about professionalism in our industry and I would be the first to admit this is a very hard goal to achieve given our sheer numbers, so my question is simple…..could you come up with one or two words, that describe who you are and what you do? In essence, if someone where ask you to describe yourself, what would you say? Here’s the catch though, you can’t use the word “professional”, “knowledgeable”, “ethical”, or “honest”. While they are good words, they are overused.
I put it out on a Facebook group that I’m apart of. Check out Real Estate Corner, it is well worth it. I got over 50 responses. Great to see so many great answers. I took a screen shot for you to look at. Always grateful to this group for their stellar insight. Facebook
So, what’s my word? RESPONSIBLE. While equally important, this is NOT my elevator pitch, however I may include it from now on. To me the meaning speaks to everything I do (At least I hope it does). I take responsibility for my actions and decisions (right or wrong), I believe in doing things in a timely matter, keeping people in the loop, understanding the needs and opinions of others, not deflecting blame, keeping good accounts, being honest, etc.

mark mclean

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