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January 6, 2014

So Long 2013, Hello 2014

by mark mclean

Wow. What a year. I wanted to say thank you to all the people who took the time to read my posts and watch my videos. Hopefully I’m getting better at it. This has been an incredible journey. When I started my blog 4 years ago I had a rather unremarkable 500 views. In 2013 I hit over 45,000. While the majority of my readership is in the Toronto Area, my statistics tell me that people from all across Canada and the United States are checking in too. What is especially cool is that, from time to time, I get to travel across Canada and the US as an official representative of the Toronto Real Estate Board and it is amazing how many people introduce themselves as followers. Honestly, I feel blessed.
Also last year I started video blogging. The idea came out of all the running that I was doing. It occurred to me that making a committed effort to run 1200 Kms in one year was a lot like prospecting in real estate. Most people hate doing it but if you could make it habit-forming, like running has become for me, then perhaps you wouldn’t think of it as a chore. As a result, I did nearly 20 videos, which were viewed on YouTube over 1500 times. Considering I’m just a hack at videoing myself, I’m pretty proud of my achievement.
Finally, on the advice of a few people who have done extremely well promoting themselves on-line, I started my first ever business page on Facebook. I passed 430 likes on that page so far. All is to say that I might be on to something. There is a real thirst for knowledge in real estate and real life experiences count for a lot. The Ontario Real Estate Association does an amazing job at helping people get their real estate licences. As a past member of their education committee I can attest to their abilities, but as I like to say, they may teach you the moves, but they don’t teach you to dance. The only way you can excel in this business is to spend time doing it and if you are new to the business you gain an advantage by listening and watching what the good guys do.
So, why bother? Well frankly, if all agents were fully educated and knowledgeable there would be no need for commission tribunals, lawsuits and a RECO complaint department. That would suit me just fine. So thank you once again for a stellar year. I hope I can continue to come up with interesting content for everyone to enjoy. Have a super 2014!

mark mclean

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