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September 17, 2014

Mission Possible. The Ultimate 12 Week RE Sales Contest. Task 2. Don’t Be A Secret Agent.

by mark mclean

one fingerWell, it’s time for task number two of the ultimate real estate sales contest. Like the previous task, this one is super easy and only requires one thing…a single finger. What? Yes, you read it right. A single finger.
Here’s the deal. If you want to be a successful agent you need to let people know that you are, in fact, a Realtor. It’s not rocket science. If you tell people, especially your friends and acquaintances what you do, you will make money. Selling real estate is not a covert operation.
So this week’s task is pretty simple. Let people know what you do. Every day for the next 11 weeks, find an article about real estate on-line. Copy the URL and write two lines about how this article will affect your clients or the people in your sphere of influence. Where do you find these article? Basically everywhere. You can easily set up Google alerts for real estate in whatever city you live in.
As an example, today there was a story about the 4 things people will pay more to live near. Two of the points mentioned kids activities and schools. My clients have kids so I would post something like….”Community centres, parks and schools should be high on your hit list when looking for a home”. Then I would paste the link to that sentence. One click…One figure. Easy peasy.

SO today’s task was to create these quick and easy posts, but I don’t want to overload the system so there is a limit of two a day. Each time you post you get one point. So you could easily collect 14 points a week with this task. By the way, this task is easy to do from your smart phone, so there really aren’t any excuses to make this one happen. For my office I added a few little wrinkles to the task and showed them how I was going to track their progress but for you playing along at home, that shouldn’t affect how you perform the task.

mark mclean is the Broker/Manager at the Bosley Real Estate Queen St W office and President-Elect for the Toronto Real Estate Board. The opinions expressed here do not reflect the opinions of TREB or Bosley RE.


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