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It’s Time To Play The Objection Game.

huddleSometimes you need to have a little fun with the meetings and to be honest, the more people who attend, the more fun it is. Yesterday’s meeting got everyone engaged and if you are ever stuck for a good meeting topic please do me a favour….steal this one. Especially if you have a group of over 20 agents in a room.

Every active agent will tell you that whether they are working with a buyer of a seller they always come across objections. I’ve done a past blog about objections which you can read here. How you deal with that objection will be the difference between success and failure. So in today’s meeting I asked the agents to tell me all the objections they have faced over the last year. Not surprisingly, I got a fairly substantial list. We then went through the list and ranked them in order. For the purposes of the meeting we determined that the top four were; commissions, fear of over-paying for a home, not wanting to get into a bidding war and the classic “my uncle is a Realtor”.

With our top four objections in hand we broke the group up into four smaller groups and gave each one of them an objection. Each group picked a team leader and over the next 10 minutes they had to come up with as many arguments as they could to kill their objection. The group discussions were pretty lively and after the 10 minutes was over each leader read out their list. What I loved about this game was that even after every counter argument was pointed out there was always others in the crowd who had more points to add. In my books anytime you get a discussion going in an office meeting you’ve had a great day.

I won’t go through the agent’s arguments today because your office might have completely different objections. It’s just fair to say that this meeting got everyone involved. For new agents it’s an opportunity to develop new talking points with clients and I have to say that a few, more experienced, agents even learned a few tricks along the way. This was a great meeting, a great discussion, awesome team building and helps solidify our office culture.

mark mclean is the Broker/Manager at the Bosley Real Estate Queen St W office and President-Elect for the Toronto Real Estate Board. The opinions expressed here do not reflect the opinions of TREB or Bosley RE.


Countdown To The Fall Market. Tackling Those Pesky Prospecting Jobs

mmeting note 1
Several weeks ago a conducted a little audience participation at my morning meeting. We were approaching the tail end of a rather crummy summer, weather wise at least, and I asked every person in the group to come up with one thing, just one little thing, that they would do over the next three weeks that would go towards getting more business for the fall. Simple task right? Check out the list we came up with.

Following the meeting I put all the “jobs” into a spread sheet with agents names on the opposite axis. I posted the list on my office window and encouraged agents to check off as many jobs as possible. In the end, we had pretty good success. Sure, there were a few agents who opted out of the checklist but for each that chose not to participate there was another who made it a mission to get through the whole list. Congratulations. You know who you are! meeting note 2

This was a simple office meeting exercise designed to spark ideas in agents to help them build a great client list. More importantly it should have demonstrated the point that the job of prospecting is something we must do everyday and not three weeks before the busy fall market. There should not be a start date to prospecting especially if you’ve been working in the real estate field for any length of time. It is a full-time endeavour.

Here’s the thing. During our meeting we managed to list off 24 ways to build future business. I’m sure that after you review the list you might want to add something to it. The reality is that I wouldn’t expect anyone to do everything on the list. If you aren’t doing anything then this will give you a base to start. You may be in a position where you are doing somethings but have the time to do a few others. Time to pick from the suggestions.

Got any suggestions for further blogs? I’m just a tweet away.

mark mclean

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