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The Friday Five for January 24th 2014

friday 5 for jan 24It can get a bit crazy with all the information out there on real estate and social media. Luckily there’s RealtyLab’s Friday Five to help you wade through all the noise. Each week I pick out the top five stories and put them together in this handy bite sized format. Each week is something completely different. Hope you enjoy it.

Sometimes you have to look outside your industry for ideas and innovations that might be adaptable to the things you do. Check out this post and see if there is any inspiration to be found. I especially like the title…How To Win Over Customers: Lessons From 8 Rock-Star Brands.

One of the best ways to outsmart Google and get some serious SEO juice is to write killer blogs. Ok that might not be for everyone but if you ever thought about blogging then you should check out 5 Questions to Ask When Writing Content from blogging and social media genius @JeffBullas

And speaking of SEO..It is getting more and more complicated. Luckily we have @Inmannews to explain some SEO strategies to focus on in 2014.

Another great post talks about the statistics of social media and what effect they will have on everything we do in 2014. It seems there was a tipping point last year that has major implications for business and brands and it will impact publishing and marketing strategies and tactics in the future.

Many people struggle with reinvention whether they are making a small change or really overhauling their life or their business. The thing about reinvention though, is that you get a mulligan, a do-over. You get to start again with a clean slate–only this time with more wisdom. Wouldn’t it be great to do things the way that will make you most successful? Check out these five insights.

Hey, in case you didn’t know.. I work at Bosley Real Estate in Toronto. We aren’t just the oldest AND largest independant brokerage in the city, we are also the most tech savvy.

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The Friday Five for May 24th

friday 5 for may 24The warmer weekends are upon us and while it may not be time to sit on the end of the dock just yet, it is always time to check out the Friday Five. I do my best most weeks to find relevant stories to make your real estate business better. it could be about brand, or marketing, or farming, or social media tips or new technology, or maybe a funny video. There is a lot of noise out there so hopefully the Friday Five is part of the solution and not the problem. Have a great weekend!

How can you create an effective real estate website if you don’t fundamentally understand the value of technology and the important role it plays in your success as a real estate agent? Here are 10 truths of technology and why it is essential for the modern-day real estate agent:

Prospects are more likely going to turn into customers when they feel that they will be buying from a company that is credible. The more credible you are — the more trust and authority that prospects ascribe to you — the more likely you are going to win their hard-earned dollars when they are ready to buy.Sounds simple enough. This is a great post by my friend @aaronhoos

Ready to start marketing your new company, product or brand? Before you create a blog, draft content for your brand-spanking-new website or start tweeting, first define your “brand voice.” In a nutshell, this is the heart and soul of your communications. More than specific words and phrases, your brand voice is the tone in which you speak to and connect with your audience.

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re a member of the world’s largest business networking site for professionals. Here are some strategies to help you be more engaged and professional. Via @jeffbullas

Social Media and local search are influencing consumer behavior like never before. In real estate, being the expert in local, from the local deli to the best place to get a cup of coffee to where the school district lines are help position you as the local authority. Everything you do in social is helping to build your brand. Check out this post from @placester

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Staying On Top of Advances In The Real Estate Industry

Have you heard the old expression, Nothing is as constant as change? True words to live by. On my morning run I extended my route through an area that I am quiet familiar with but hadn’t really stepped foot into in a number of months. I almost couldn’t recognize the new Liberty Village. I tried to think back to a time before all the tall buildings were there. Before the stores, and restaurants. It doesn’t seem that long ago that this was just a big old unkept field. Like many other neighbourhoods, the pace of change has been unmeasurable. While developers, planners, architects, construction crews are all scrambling to keep up, so to have the real estate agents that have carved out clever little niches to service these areas. Obviously they are the ones who have recognized that a need exists and have taken the time to build a strategy around becoming the expert in their neighbourhoods. It is the concept of “hyper local marketing” to the fullest.
So too have advances in social media and technology, particularly in real estate, changed the way we reach out and build connections with buyers and sellers. This technology simply didn’t exist 10 years ago and if the notion of “nothing is as constant as change” holds true, the way we do business ten years from now is probably going to be even more different. One of the favourite water cooler chats between agents who started 15+ years ago usually starts with “remember when we had tear sheets and carbon paper?” New rules regarding agency, representation and education have come into play and sooner than later we will have a new Condominium Act (as full disclosure, I am the chair of the Condominium Committee for TREB and we are involved in helping rewrite this legislation). It is safe to say that yesterday’s agent is either welcoming these new rules and technologies and trying to adapt or are simply getting left behind.
So, the point of all this is, like changing neighbourhoods, OUR business is in a constant state of change. The information playing field has changed. Once we were the keepers of the information. If you wanted to buy a house you HAD to contact us. Now available properties are as easy to find as a parking space downtown….well almost. Our new role is that of trusted advisor and with that comes a lot of responsibility. What are you doing today to guarantee that you are going to stay out in front of your competition?

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