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Communication Equals Clarity

It’s mid April and the election is closing in. The polls open next week and remain open until May 5th. As we get closer, the seriousness of the election stays at the top of my mind. The Toronto Real Estate Board is, after all ,the largest association of Realtors in North America, and as such there is a responsibility to lead with authority and clarity.
Last week I was asked, along with a few other candidates, to say a few words at the monthly meeting of the West Metro Realtors Association. This group was founded well before TREB came around. In fact it was formed so that Realtors could get together and talk about their listings. It was MLS before there was MLS.
Standing before the group I asked a very simple question which I will also ask my readers today. Go back in time and think about all the real estate transactions you have done during your career. Now pick out the ones that went perfectly. They should be the ones where both the Seller and the Buyer got what they wanted and you and the other agent worked seamlessly and productively. The transaction was negotiated without any hiccups and nothing was left to chance. I believe that the common thread that weaves through all these transactions is communication. Frankly it is not only the key to a healthy transaction, it is the key to any relationship whether it be personal or business.
It is this function that I believe strongly in and one that I will strive to build and maintain while working at the board. This past year as the chair of the Communication Committee I learned some valuable facts. TREB, with its nearly 40,000 members, has a remarkably engaged members. Statistics show that between 7,000 and 8,000 people log into MLS a day, open the Across The Board newsletter each month or attend the annual RealtorQuest. Statistically speaking that is a pretty high percentage of engagement. Of course it can always be better. If the content continues to foster greater discussion we are on the right path.
First and foremost I am a Realtor. I love my profession and believe that we offer a valuable service to the consumer. I want to find more ways where the Realtor can help Buyers and Sellers.
“Let’s think big and think together”.

mark mclean is the Broker/Manager at the Bosley Real Estate Queen St W office and Director at Large for the Toronto Real Estate Board and is currently a candidate for TREB President Elect in the upcoming Spring election.


Mark McLean for TREB President-Elect 2014-2015

After much thought and discussion with the many people in my life I made the decision to run for president-elect of the Toronto Real Estate Board. The last two years have been especially fulfilling, as I have been involved as the Chair of the Condominium Committee and the Communications Committee as well as the Vise-Chair of Finance. What I get out of my time in organized Real Estate is a clear understanding of the big picture, particularly what threats we face, what direction we need to take and most importantly the reasons why we make the decisions that we do. Our industry is changing rapidly and the directions we choose will impact us all for a very long time. Personally I am excited at the possibilities.
On-line voting runs 24 hours a day from April 30th to May 5th. You must be a member in good standing of the Toronto Real Estate Board. When you log in to Torontomls you will see voting instructions. It is simple and fast. As a member of the board you have every right to choose your future. I am energetic, enthusiastic and excited to represent you in the future. I kindly ask for your vote.

mark mclean is the Broker/Manager at the Bosley Real Estate Queen St W office and Director at Large for the Toronto Real Estate Board.


Top Ten RealtyLab Posts for 2013

top ten of 2013Every year, around this time, I surf through my blog statistics and try to get some idea of how I did over the course of the year. Did I pick up subscribers? what posts got the most views? which received the most comments? The goal of this exercise is to see what’s working and what isn’t. Pretty simple, really. So, without further ado here are the top ten posts of 2013.

Number 10. We have seen it a fair bit this year, and lets hope the tide is turning as more and more people get reported but it still never fails to surprise me when an agent uses other agent’s pictures to create fake ads on 3rd party sites like Craigslist or Kijiji. Surprisingly, the public hasn’t heard the old expression….if it is too good to be true, it probably is. We call it Gaming the System.

Number 9. I had a lot of fun with this one because it combines two of my favourite things; office meetings and infographics. I asked agents at my office how they went from a phone call at the office to a listing a home. I called it The Ultimate Pricing Guide.

Number 8. My friendly neighbourhood Coburg agent Dave Chomitz, who follows me everywhere (or is it I that follows him) gave me the idea for this post. He had an idea…and doesn’t it all just start with an idea, on how to build his own real estate market. Check out his success and then come up with your own Niche Marketing Ideas.

Number 7. Surprisingly 3 of my top 10 of 2013 were actually written and published in 2012. Talk about longevity. But when the content is still relevent, that can happen. In this case I wrote about a seller who wanted to sign back for more than the asking price. What should stand out in any agent’s mind is that if you list a home low in order to get multiple offers, you need to explain to sellers what could happen if the plan doesn’t work.

Number 6. Saw a few cases of this during the year. A house is sold and the appliances that were thought to be included were different when the buyer took possession. This made us conclude that listing agents need to CLEARLY educate sellers about inclusions and exclusions,but more importantly, buyer agents need to do their own due diligence in marking down the important stuff. I called this one, The Old Bait and Switch

Number 5. Another hit from 2012. I did a bunch of research on this one and then, while attending NAR in Orlando I learned a fundamental thing about open houses. After 20+ years in the business it never occurred to me that people who went into your open house weren’t there to look at the house. They were there to check you out. I guess it is true…Open houses aren’t for suckers.

Number 4. How many times have you heard Sellers say ‘boy, I should have taken that first offer’? Probably never because that would be like admitting defeat. Still it was fun to write about The First Offer is the Best Offer.

Number 3. This one is my proudest blog post because it’s a video (featuring ME!) and most viewed video on YouTube. The content is pretty good too and drove this post to become the most shared on 2013. Nuff said. Here’s your opportunity to watch How to Become a Real Estate Super Hero. Blammo

Number 2. The last man standing of 2011. The anatomy of a Canadian Realtor. Funny how two of the top ten posts are infographics.

And finally, drum roll please, the Number 1 blog post of 2013 remains my post on agent statistics that I did in 2012. Probably due for an update soon but I suspect the ratios will remain pretty consistent. It seems that agents want to know how they stack up to the other 38,000 agents in their market.

Well thanks everyone for a fun year. Look forward to another year of fun and discussion.

mark mclean

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