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Mission Possible. The Ultimate 12 Week RE Sales Contest. Task 3. Get To Know Your Product.

Welcome to Task Three. For those playing along at home, here is a quick recap. I am running a fun little contest in my office to help agents get more business. The tasks are meant to be engaging, easy, and above all…fun!

In the first task, I asked agents to be present. The office is the epicentre of the real estate world ( or at least our small part of it). Everything happens there. So I encourage everyone to show up at the office as much as possible. In my office there are lots of reasons to be present. Duty day is something you don’t want to miss.

In the second task, I asked agents to make themselves be known by sharing articles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With every article they share they are encouraged to write two little lines of text explaining why the article is important to their friends, acquaintances or clients.

Today’s task is about knowing your product. So to get points you need to get out and see as many houses as you can each day and then let people know that you saw them. As an example, today you saw three houses in the area you work. Write a post about what’s available. Something as simple as….”Home touring today. Everything from run down duplexes to a spectacular new build. Yonge and Eglinton has something for everyone. If you need more information, please call me anytime”. Boom. Simple. Inspect or show a property and earn a point. Do your own open house and earn 2 points.

My office is having a blast with this contest and has spurred on a couple of great side bets. Of course, the contest is about engaging yourself in your business. Each task earns points but the person with the most points may not be the one with the most sales. That’s the beauty of it. It ain’t over till it’s over and everyone has a solid chance of winning.

mark mclean is the Broker/Manager at the Bosley Real Estate Queen St W office and President-Elect for the Toronto Real Estate Board. The opinions expressed here do not reflect the opinions of TREB or Bosley RE.


Friday 5 for May 10th

friday five for may 10
Happy Friday everyone. On this wet day, the best thing you could do is find a nice place to hide and do a little quality reading. Hope you enjoy this week’s Friday Five!

This year, it’s all about video. As the mini-video-taking Vine app recently hit the top of the charts for free apps in the U.S., everyone seems to record their own videos and post them online.Why? Because people are watching it!Andy Warhol once said: “I don’t read, I just look at pictures”. That’s what we all do today. This is a great one from @coskills

There is nothing like the feeling of standing out from all of your competitors and generating more business than ever before. Due to how most buyers base their buying decision on pricing, it can be easy to get into a pricing war with your competitors. But that is no fun and you end up compromising your profit margin. It’s time to develop a unique selling proposition via @steamfeedcom

Twitter is often seen as one of Cinderella’s ugly sisters when it is compared to the multimedia beauty and the wealth of numbers that the 800 million plus engaged users that the Facebook social network offers. But if you take the time to get to understand Twitter with its quaint 140 character limit and its charming simplicity, it can be a very powerful tool to distribute information and ideas in real-time to enhance your marketing and promotion efforts.Thanks @jeffbullas

Brand storytelling isn’t a new concept, but with the explosive growth of social media and content marketing, the opportunities to tell stories as part of direct and indirect brand marketing initiatives have become a strategic priority. The following are five secrets that brand storytellers understand and use to intrigue, engage, and connect emotionally with consumers.

The way we communicate on a daily basis has changed radically over the last ten years. In our ever-changing world of communication, social media is what’s in vogue. Everywhere you turn you can’t escape it whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin or one of the many others that are cropping up daily. Social media is a way of keeping in touch with the world around us. With new forms of communication, come new rules of the game, especially for real estate agents.

mark mclean


The Friday Five for April 24th

Friday 5 for april 26No question, the business of Real Estate is changing at the speed of light and I sometimes wonder if by the time I’ve researched an idea or platform, something better has come out. Am I just playing a giant game of “catch up”?  Over the last 5 years there has been an explosion of articles and posts written about social media, blogging and technology developments. Let’s face it, it would be next to impossible to wade through all the content.  So, each week,  in my little corner of the world, I offer up the articles that I find interesting and put them together in the Friday Five. I hope it helps you be better at whatever it is you do!

I stumbled across this one through my LinkedIn news feed and, while it is not tech or social media specific, there are many take aways that could be applied to our business of Real Estate. Check out the eleven concepts on becoming a better leader.  They are especially relevant if you substitute the word leader for Realtor…or manager… or baker….well you get the picture. This one is from Dave Kerpen author of Likeable Business.

 It’s much easier to market your business when customers readily associate a face with your brand. Many companies, from Apple to Zappos, have drawn success from their leaders’ knack for capturing the public’s attention and inspiring new schools of thought in their field. Today, business owners have an array of options for getting in front of potential customers. The Web and social media have opened up new avenues to share expertise and reach people of influence. This is a great article on building personal brand from @inc

If you thought Pinterest was for looking at pretty pictures this infographic should change your views dramatically. Put side by side, which platform is better….Pinterest or Facebook? While Facebook gets more traffic, Pinterest beats out Facebook in the other major metrics. Lesson? It might be time to think outside the Facebook box. Thanks to @RWW for this

Love this one from @jeffbullas. Some might call me a Twitter Jedi, others might say I’m just annoying and plugging up their feed, but what ever I’m doing, it seems to be working. My blog is hitting numbers like never before. Twitter may not be the answer to your lead generation prayers but it certainly can’t hurt if it is used right. I love this quote…The principles of a coherent marketing strategy should not be discarded because  social media mania has turned your brain to mush. Twitter in the right hands  with the right plan and approach is a very sharp marketing tool. Works for me.

I liked this one from @B2Community on LinkedIn invitations. Over the last year I have received at least a hundred invites to connect on LinkedIn. The problem is (and I’m guilty of it too) is that they use the generic greeting message. You know the one…. I’d like to add you to my professional network. Boring. From now on, I’m going to reach out to people with a personal message or link. I will let you know how it goes.

Have a great weekend everyone!

mark mclean

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