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Should Prospecting Be Painful?

Well its good to be back. As I mentioned in the video it has been tough getting out over the last few months but the weather has finally turned. Seriously, not running made me completely squirrely. It’s one thing to work out but running gave me so much more. Basically, I have a busy life. I truly need those few hours of meditative time to put everything into perspective, think about what I need to focus on, and flex my creative muscles. So, back to running. This run was one of the early ones I did in March so I was feeling the burn in my legs. It made me think about this topic.
Do you know the pain you get after a hard workout? All your muscles hurt. Usually its a sign that you “done good”. Prospecting pain is kind of like that. All the prospecting you’ve done is paying off and you are exhausted from being so frigging busy. You complain about not having a moment to yourself but secretly you love it. The truth is prospecting should never really hurt but you might want to consider that it should at least be painful. Like exercising, you have to shake it up from time to time. If you exercise the same muscles over and over again the gains you make start to diminish. Think about door knocking. Sure it works but you can’t really do it in the dead of winter. The snow and cold gives you the opportunity to try something different. The point of all this? While prospecting has to be a daily routine, you can’t just use one channel. Shake it up, try something new. Naturally I would love your input on what you do to “shake it up”. Have a great day!

mark mclean is the Broker/Manager at the Bosley Real Estate Queen St W office and President-Elect for the Toronto Real Estate Board. The opinions expressed here do not reflect the opinions of TREB or Bosley RE.


The Friday Five for October 18th

Friday 5 for oct 18Happy Friday. I hope everyone is having a blast with the Fall market. It has been busy around here to say the least. That’s my excuse for getting this week’s Friday Five out anyway. Also my phone won’t stop buzzing.

No matter what you’re selling or hoping to promote, video should be a consideration for your marketing spend and focus. With easy-to-use platforms like YouTube, nobody can blame technology as a hurdle anymore. Still, it’s difficult to come up with just the right message, tone, and approach to make video marketing pay off for you. Every business is different, and finding your niche, and your audience, might take some time. But the great thing about starting under the radar, though, is that you can test and tweak and fine-tune at first before making a bigger splash. When that time comes, you’ll have all the information and experience behind you to help inform your decisions.

Are you pinning your content on Pinterest and forgetting about it? Here are some tips on how to keep the momentum going on pins to get more repins and ultimately, more blog traffic.Try these tips to help grow more synergy between your blog, Pinterest and the rest of your social media presence. If you’re pinning and ignoring your pins, you’re missing an opportunity to cross promote your content and build more followers.

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Blogging has changed! We are witnessing the biggest revolution in publishing since the Gutenberg press was invented over 570 years ago. Many blogs are transforming into online global magazines that measure readership in the tens of millions every month. Most blogs provide information that is targeted to a certain interest group or niche whether that be politics or technology. Almost all of these blogs started from humble beginnings and a passion about the topic.

Just as social media optimization is getting more and more important for digital marketers, social media is gradually becoming central to the strategy of e-commerce companies. Focusing only on search engines is not enough – on an average people spend 23% of online time on social media websites. Not promoting your products on social media is a big mistake.

mark mclean


Staying On Top of Advances In The Real Estate Industry

Have you heard the old expression, Nothing is as constant as change? True words to live by. On my morning run I extended my route through an area that I am quiet familiar with but hadn’t really stepped foot into in a number of months. I almost couldn’t recognize the new Liberty Village. I tried to think back to a time before all the tall buildings were there. Before the stores, and restaurants. It doesn’t seem that long ago that this was just a big old unkept field. Like many other neighbourhoods, the pace of change has been unmeasurable. While developers, planners, architects, construction crews are all scrambling to keep up, so to have the real estate agents that have carved out clever little niches to service these areas. Obviously they are the ones who have recognized that a need exists and have taken the time to build a strategy around becoming the expert in their neighbourhoods. It is the concept of “hyper local marketing” to the fullest.
So too have advances in social media and technology, particularly in real estate, changed the way we reach out and build connections with buyers and sellers. This technology simply didn’t exist 10 years ago and if the notion of “nothing is as constant as change” holds true, the way we do business ten years from now is probably going to be even more different. One of the favourite water cooler chats between agents who started 15+ years ago usually starts with “remember when we had tear sheets and carbon paper?” New rules regarding agency, representation and education have come into play and sooner than later we will have a new Condominium Act (as full disclosure, I am the chair of the Condominium Committee for TREB and we are involved in helping rewrite this legislation). It is safe to say that yesterday’s agent is either welcoming these new rules and technologies and trying to adapt or are simply getting left behind.
So, the point of all this is, like changing neighbourhoods, OUR business is in a constant state of change. The information playing field has changed. Once we were the keepers of the information. If you wanted to buy a house you HAD to contact us. Now available properties are as easy to find as a parking space downtown….well almost. Our new role is that of trusted advisor and with that comes a lot of responsibility. What are you doing today to guarantee that you are going to stay out in front of your competition?

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