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The Friday Five for June 28th.

friday 5 for June 28 Hey Everyone, just because the kids are out of school and you are thinking more about cocktails on the dock, doesn’t mean you can just postpone the most important ‘read” of the week. Think Mobile, and bring that phone or tablet down to the water so you can check out all the interesting posts I’ve assembled here today.
Whoa, this is an interesting post about internet trends. What immediately is facinating is that people are using Facebook less and Youtube more.

Unless you’ve been pulling a Rip Van Winkle and sleeping for the least 5 years, there has been a significant cultural shift in how consumers absorb content. In fact, if you’ve been sleeping you might be wondering what exactly I mean by content. I would simply describe online content as a type of media that communicates a message to your audience via the web, it can be in the form of text, visuals, audio or video. With brands turning to content publishing, they now can control the flow of information.

Do you “get” Google+? I’m starting to, but it has been a bit of a journey. Here is a great website and post that will hopefully explain it better than I can. Lots of video and links too.

YouTube is a great way to introduce your company to your market, entertain and interview people in your industry amongst many other uses which are only limited by your imagination. What is great about online video?

This one is really cool. Create a custom Google map that you can add to your listings showing all the places of interest in the neighbourhood. I’m going to try it out and show you the results.


Objection Killer Qu’est-ce que c’est?

One of the hardest things I do as a manager is to come up with interesting topics for my weekly meetings. Yes, they have to engage the audience, they have to provoke a little discussion, they should be informative, and if they can’t be anything else, they should at least make people laugh. Since I’m not all that funny, except to my 3-year-old, I have to spend a bit more time making my meetings a little more interesting and on occasion I fall flat on my face.

This week I wanted to talk about objections and then ask the agents what tactics they use to kill those objections. So, what are buyers and sellers objecting about these days? The top objections for buyers were; I think I will wait a little longer and hope the prices will go down. Or, I want to save more money so I can buy a house rather than a condo. Or, I’m worried about this neighbourhood. For sellers the objections are a little different; What if I don’t get my price? What do I need to do to maximize my profit? Or, I will only pay you 3% to sell my home.

For a clear way to overcome these objections I went to a great on-line resource and friend, Aaron Hoos, whose blog,, has some great ideas on how to destroy objections. First order of business is to recognize the objections you will run into, then create content, either on-line or in your buyer or seller packages, that speak directly to those objections. The reality is that getting them out in the open or addressing them early on in your relationship will make the process go much more smoothly.

Hoos has 8 great ways to kill those objections;

A. FAQ sections in your website, blog or brochure are a great way to address concerns and put clients at ease quickly. If you are at a client meeting, simply encourage them to refer to your FAQ section if they have follow-up questions or concerns at a later date.

B. Testimonials from satisfied customers are “Realtor Gold”, so when something goes well, get that testimonial done fast. Strike when the coals are hot and try to get your client to speak specifically to the objection.

C. Blog about each objection. If you are a great story-teller or writer, put that skill to good use and talk about it. Better yet, make a video.

D. Tag line. Consider branding yourself. How about “Mark McLean is worth every penny of his x% commission”. Or “trust Mark McLean to walk you through the home buying or selling experience”

E. Put a page on your website. Unless you spend a lot of time on them, websites tend to be very static, so if you plan to dedicate a page to objections, at least make it visible.

F. Elevator speech. I’m a big fan of the elevator speech. When I sold condos I perfected my intro very quickly. As it relates to objections however, keep the objection killer short and sweet.

G. Address them earlier in sales presentation. Consider the commission discussion first.  “So, Mr. Seller, let’s have a seat so I can show you how my unique marketing system is worth every cent of my X% fee”.

H. Add additional products or services. Maybe this point is not appropriate to the real estate discussion but perhaps this is your opportunity to tell your client about the little things you do that put you farther in front of the competition.

A special thanks goes out to Aaron for giving me a wicked meeting topic. It generated a lot of discussion with the agents, which is kinda the point. Aaron, look forward to hanging out at the end of the month.


The Friday Five for February 10th

Happy Friday. If you are feeling overwhelmed by Technology and Social Media, fear not, The Friday Five is here. Hopefully, these are great finds that the average person can understand.

Need a reason to blog? Look no further. Here are seven good ones. Thanks to @jeffbullas

Have you heard of Social Bro? it is a program that you can download that will help you manage and grow your Twitter followers. Here is the link with more explanation, but if you want to take a closer look at it, I suggest you look it up on YouTube for a demo. Social Bro will help you follow the right people, those that are engaged and active on Twitter. In return, those people will, hopefully, follow you back. I  started using it a few months ago and went from about 700 followers to nearly 1500. Hey, its worth a try, and its free.  Thanks to @socialbro

Unlike blogs, websites tend to be a little on the static side, so have a look at this article about the 10 essential features of a good website. The point is to get business from it…and these tips should help. Thanks to @mashable

I heart infographics. Take a look at this great one from @socialmouths on content marketing. Do you even know what content marketing is? and can we use it in the real estate business? The answer is YES. Many people are already doing it. This is a great post on what it is and why it works.

Finally, just to prove how important it is to have your website or blog mobilized, check out this video. Here a woman who demonstrates our addiction with the phone.

Have a great week!


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